‘Star Wars lost… Gina Carano got screwed over’: The Mandalorian Stunt Coordinator Claims Corporate Politics Restricting The Franchise Is Why It’s ‘Failing’, Says ‘Art is Untamable’

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Another case of corporate meddling is believed to be the root cause of why the Emmy snubbed The Book of Boba Fett stunt team. The Mandalorian series stunt coordinator, Ryan Watson, voiced his sentiments in an Instagram post regarding Disney’s ill-handling of their franchises. He also pointed out that Gina Carano, a former cast member, was “screwed over”.

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The Mandalorian Stunt Coordinator Calls Out Disney

Watson posted on Instagram his frustrations about the franchise failing because artists like him are being disregarded. He proudly mentioned the previous awards received by The Mandalorian series under Jon Favreau’s supervision. “We won because Jon Favreau let us do it. Thank God for you, sir. I wish I could tell you how much I love you so I will tell you now,” says the stunt coordinator.


Watson called out Disney and said he and his team brought back Star Wars from a failing franchise. He also made a comparison using Mozart and Salieri, two rival composers in history. “We had Mozart in our blood, and the Salieri of the world tried to tell us it was our fault! Our art stood strong, and forever we will be remembered as the best action Star Wars ever had.”

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Furthermore, he had a message for those who did not believe: “We won two Emmys, and the fans noticed real martial artists because real art is undeniable. The corporate world, for some reason, just can’t take it. Art is untamable.”

Hours later, Watson made an update, and it seemed that Disney was agitated by the post. The stunt coordinator was not threatened, instead, he fought back and said: “[Ask] a lot of fans of Gina Carano how they feel about my post. She got screwed over too. Ask Mr. Wilson why he started this mess in the first place. I love my art, and the fans loved it too.”

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The Corporate Versus The Artists

Many thought that Watson was directly insulting J.J. Dashnaw, stunt coordinator of The Book of Boba Fett. He later clarified that he was not entirely talking about him or the team but the frustration that every stunt coordinator experiences. “What it’s about is how sometimes it’s like you can get a winning formula, and then, for some reason, they just try to change it.”

Most of the time, Watson revealed, stunt coordinators don’t have a say on how the action is shot. “Why don’t you guys listen to the masters and the artists on what we do? Whether it’s martial arts, special effects, whether it’s the stunts, or the building of the sets. These are all great artists, but there’s always someone who comes in and goes, ‘Nah, nah, I wanna put that there or whatever.’” Watson compared it to someone coming up to a heart surgeon and telling the doctor which artery to cut.


Ultimately, Watson concluded that he just wants the company to let them do their job. “Quit changing our sh**. We’re making you look good. Stop making yourself look bad. This is your fault.”

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