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The Mandalorian Star Gina Carano Mysteriously Disappears From Twitter, Fans Convinced She’s Banned For Controversial Views

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There’s a very good reason why most celebrities have a proper PR team to make sure they don’t end up doing/saying the wrong thing on a public platform or place, and it seems like Gina Carano’s PR team isn’t doing a very great job for the past year, given she has one at all.

The Mandalorian star is one of the most beloved actresses in the Disney+ TV series, but her actions online have landed her in a sticky situation as of now. The 40-year-old actress mysteriously deactivated her Twitter account following some controversial statements. And there’s no knowing what could happen next considering her history of controversies.

Gina Carano FandomWire
Gina Carano in The Mandalorian

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Did Twitter Remove Gina Carano From Their Platform? Not A First For Her

Gina Carano has been pretty controversial with the opinions she holds and believes in, which she further translated into her tweets- this includes sharing crazy conspiracy theories, advocating the need to stop wearing masks during the pandemic, and sharing memes related to the voter-fraud election of US President Joe Biden.

Gina Carano FandomWire
Gina Carano speaking at an event

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Not only that but she’s also been accused of being transphobic after she was mocking the use of pronouns. We all know how Twitter deals with accounts like these, cue the Donald Trump removal, and her journey on Twitter has ended the same way that Trump’s did.

Now it’s important to note whether her account has been indefinitely banned by the platform itself or deactivated on her own. But it’s not gonna help her either way, considering she’s already dug a pretty deep hole after she got removed from The Mandalorian back in February.

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Gina Carano To Star In A Far-Right-Backed Movie

The once graceful actor who played Cara Dune in The Mandalorian is now set to star in a new movie called My Son Hunter that’ll be produced by Breitbart, the right-wing media company owned by conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart.

Gina Carano FandomWire
Gina Carano in the Mandalorian

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Despite getting removed from The Mandalorian, Gina Carano has found a new role in My Son Hunter directed by Robert Davi. The movie focuses on US President Joe Biden’s Son, Hunter Biden. Carano will be playing the role of a secret service agent for Joe Biden.

This is not a surprising move for the 40-year-old actress, who has probably been blacklisted from production companies that don’t want a controversial figure like her in their movies. But she’s pulled herself together and gotten a role in the said movie, so that’s something.

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