Starhawk: Facts About Sylvester Stallone’s Character To Know Before GOTG Vol. 3


Starhawk is one of the members of the Guardians of The Galaxy from an alternate universe. He is from Earth-691, which aliens ran after the War of The Worlds. When alien Badoon conquered them, the Guardians of The Galaxy was formed, and they came to help. The team consisted of Nikki, Charlie-27, Yondu, Vance Astro, and later joined Starhawk. 

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Stakar Starhawk is a very strange person who can manipulate light, can fly, and has enhanced strength. Along with these common powers, he has extraordinary yet strange power- precognition. The character has gone through too many changes in the comics as his past is revealed. Here are the facts about Starhawk that you must know before GOTG vol. 3 is here:


When Starhawk went back in time, in the 20th century, to fight Korvac, he took Aleta’s form and went to his New York’s house. However, Korvac killed them both. But in order to not create any suspicion, he resurrected them and erased the memory of him and any way of them perceiving him. That, however, got him into trouble as when Avengers got him, Starhawk couldn’t understand who they all were talking to.

KORVAC Starhawk couldn't see Korvac

One of the Reavers of the Arcturus, Ogord, discovered a little boy, took him in, and raised him alongside his daughter, Aleta. One day when Aleta followed him to the Temple of Hawk, she accidentally activated the helmet and received Hawk God’s powers.



The powers, however, had side effects that merged the two into a single physical body. Thus, only one could exist physically at one time. The two merged and separated countless times and fought with each other too. Finally, The Hawk God permanently separates the two, being tired of their fights, and gives them unique powers of their own.

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Sylvester Stallone appeared as Stakar Starhawk in Guardians of The Galaxy: Vol 2 in 2017. While there were a few similarities between the MCU and the comic versions, there were some significant differences. The MCU version, too, is from Arcturus IV and also had the same team. And in the movies, Stakar and Aleta were never merged; instead, they were part of the same Ravager crew and fell in love. After Yondu sacrifices himself for Peter Quill, Stakar arranges a heartfelt funeral for him.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2: Who is Starhawk?


Starhawk had a prime role in bringing the Guardians of The Galaxy of Earth-691 together. He secretly manipulated such that he set the teleporter to bring Charlie to Pluto; he hid Martniex and sabotaged Baboon, and; also helped Yondu and Vance escape Badoon. After the two met Charlie and Martinex, they decided to form a group which led to Badoon’s downfall.

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Did you always wonder how Starhawk became the One-Who-Knows? Well, here’s the answer to that: because he lived in a time loop. Since he betrayed the team, he was sent back to being a baby and had to live it all again. And thus, he knew what was going to happen and when. So when he rejoined the team in the 20th century, Aleta and Stakar struggled to gain dominance, and Aleta switched the time loop again. 

Starhawk reveals his secret


As mentioned earlier, Starhawk was a disappointment to his father. However, when he learned that both his kids had received powers for the Hawk God, he was happy and wanted to fulfill his wish to rule the entire universe with their help. But the two had different plans and left Arcturus IV. That filled his father with a vengeance, and later, when Starhawk and Aleta fell in love and had kids, he planned on kidnapping them.

Starhawk and Ogord


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