Steam’s Highest Rated Game of 2023 Says a Lot about Us Gamers, and it’s not Baldur’s Gate 3

Steam ranking proves no amount of successful AAA titles can beat platformers and couch co-op games.


  • While Baldur's Gate and Resident Evil 4 made it to the highest-rated Steam games from last year, both failed to top the list.
  • Lethal Company beat several games to be ranked second-highest ranked game and also the second-most played game last year.
  • Steam rankings prove that gamers continue to turn to play games that don't stress them much, over successful AAA titles.
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The annual Steam list has revealed some surprising results among the top Steam releases for last year. While the list included some blockbuster and fan-favorite titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Hi-Fi Rush, neither of those titles made it to the top of the list.


On the contrary, the list has revealed some insight into the mindset of gamers of late. Several of the top 10 games were titles that not many gamers may have heard of but several others have played enough last year to make it to the list.

2023’s Top Steam Releases Reveal Gamer Mindset

HoloCure - Save the Fans! was released in 2022 and continues to remain popular among Steam gamers.
HoloCure – Save the Fans! was released in 2022 and continues to remain popular among Steam gamers.

The top Steam releases for last year based on ratings include 2023’s Game of the Year Baldur’s Gate 3 in the ninth position and Resident Evil 4 in the fourth position. The third-placed game was a platformer released back in January last year, Pizza Tower, developed by Tour De Pizza.


The second-placed title was a horror game titled Lethal Company developed by top Steam Zeekerss that was released in October last year. The game quickly gained a lot of fans in a month after it was released.

The top Steam release from 2023 was a game that was not even released last year. HoloCure – Save the Fans! was released back in June 2022 and is a Roguelike, shoot ’em up freeware fan game. The game is not just free to play but also has no microtransactions. The game also has a farm-life sim mode in which players grow crops, raise pets, and decorate houses.

While the results are surprising with none of the award-winning games of last year making it to the top 3 games, the list tells a lot about what gamers play most of the time. The rest of the top ten was also filled with titles like Cats Hidden in Jingle Jam, VPet, Dave The Diver, and Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe.


The list proves that while AAA gamers earn the big bucks, gamers tend to get back to platformers and sims for a peaceful session of gaming now and then. Not all is lost for the major AAA releases from last year, however, as Steam titles with the most number of players last year had familiar titles

Lethal Company Was Also the Second Most Played Title

Lethal Company beat several top AAA games in both ratings and most played titles of 2023.
Lethal Company beat several top AAA games in both ratings and most played titles of 2023.

When sorted by the most played Steam games in 2023, Baldur’s Gate 3 tops the list with Hogwarts Legacy coming in third and Resident Evil 4 taking the fourth spot. The second most played game was still taken by a non-AAA title, Lethal Company which also took the same spot in terms of ratings.

The horror game, Lethal Company, can be played by up to four players as they coordinate and visit abandoned moons to collect supplies. The game won the Steam Awards for the category of Better With Friends earlier this week.


Platformers will continue to top AAA games in terms of ratings and amongst the most played games every year as gamers tend to turn to either relaxing games or couch co-op games. Gamers tend to agree that no amount of AAA titles tend to give the same experience as a couch co-op game or a platformer provides.

Those looking for a similar experience in between playing AAA games can check out the Steam list for a list of some good suggestions as rated by gamers.

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