Stellar Blade 2 Will Reportedly Include a Feature the First Game Couldn’t

Eve’s hairstyle might get a major revamp in Stellar Blade 2.

stellar blade 2


  • Stellar Blade allows players to freely customize Eve’s look, but the ponytail is a constant factor across all hairstyles.
  • This is because Eve’s sword is stored as her hair clip when it is not in use.
  • Hyung-Tae Kim stated he might not opt for the ponytail look in Stellar Blade 2.
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It’s not even been a whole month since Stellar Blade was released, and people are already clamoring for a sequel to the PlayStation exclusive. Shift Up has managed to create a complete gaming experience that is both fun and challenging and leaves players wanting more.


Sequels need to build on the foundations laid by the first and offer new experiences and mechanics that enhance the experience. The game offered a great degree of customization of the character, but one aspect couldn’t be changed much: Eve’s hair. This might be revamped in a sequel.

Eve’s Weapon Storage Won’t Go to Her Head in the Sequel

Eve's hair in Stellar Blade is more than just aesthetic.
Eve’s hair in Stellar Blade is more than just aesthetic.

The comical question of video game inventory is a running meme at this point. However, some developers like to show the character’s weapon on their person. Stellar Blade has taken a slightly different approach, keeping Eve’s blade hidden in plain sight.


Hyung-Tae Kim put a lot of thought into Eve’s character design. Inspired by Korean model Shin Jae-Eun, one of the protagonist’s defining features is her hair. While usually up in a ponytail, the hair is left open and flowing during combat, as it is Eve’s sword that holds her hair in place.

The weapon folds away to become an elegant clip when not in use, but this made one aspect of the game essential. Every one of Eve’s hairstyles has to have a ponytail of some kind. While the appearance can be changed among some set hairstyles, the ponytail is always present.

However, this could be something that is changed in Stellar Blade 2. When asked by Gameabout about the reason to keep the ponytail, Hyung-Tae Kim claimed the head itself was storage, but that he would exclude the ponytail if and when he works on a sequel.


With the wide variety of customizability options in the game, it does come off as a bit strange that the ponytail remains static across all looks. Sometimes, it can look a bit comical too when Eve has short hair all around with a ponytail at the back.

Fan Reception Encourages Developers to Create Stellar Blade 2

The sequel may show a new way for Eve to store her weapon.
The sequel may show a new way for Eve to store her weapon.

Despite the numerous controversies surrounding the game, Shift Up’s latest launch has cemented itself as a worthy purchase. The exaggerated jiggle physics and character design might have been the draw for many, but the game does deliver a solid experience that should satisfy most hack-and-slash enthusiasts.

A sequel would function to further capitalize on this success in several ways. Lore hunters would also get to know more about the characters, as Hyung-Tae Kim stated Eve’s and Lily’s ages might be revealed in a sequel. Given the positive reception of the game, we can assume Shift Up is already drawing up plans for the next installment.


Even the endings in the game, even the third secret ending, hint at a sequel for the series. Fleshing out the world established in the first would help give players a better grasp of the events that have transpired while giving them another chance to play as Eve.

What would you like to see included in Stellar Blade 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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