“I say thank you”: Stellar Blade Fans Have Forgotten Eve, Tachy, and Co, and Entirely Moved Onto Another Character

The female demographic of players may be low for Stellar Blade, but Shift Up has them covered.

Stellar Blade


  • The female players of Stellar Blade are all happy with the character design of Adam.
  • Shift Up has nailed the character designs of Stellar Blade.
  • Stellar Blade is a video game for all demographics, and the developers made sure of it.
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Stellar Blade was a triumph for both Sony and Shift Up. The South Korean game developers were able to successfully deliver a new video game in an industry that is oversaturated with online multiplayer games and managed to inspire others.


The vast majority of the players are most likely male, given the incredible and daring character design of the main female protagonist, Eve, but there are still female gamers who have also dipped their toes in this genre of gaming, and a different character makes it better for them.

Stellar Blade Did Not Forget the Female Player Base

Shift Up also gave the female player base something to look at in Stellar Blade.
Shift Up also gave the female player base something to look at in Stellar Blade.

The video game has gained the attention of the gaming community for its futuristic setting, ambitious lore, and, of course, daring character design. Director Hyung-Tae Kim revealed it was intentional for the main heroine to sport a revealing outfit because it appeals well to a larger audience, and he was not wrong. However, with 40% of the player base being female, the developers didn’t forget to give them their eye candy either.


Dear Star Blade director, as a member of the 40% female player base, I say… thank you. 🥰 Okay bye.
byu/dandelionbreath instellarblade

The female players have quickly moved on from Eve to Adam, which can be viewed as a biblical reference or just pure coincidence. Nevertheless, the video game does feature a handful of attractive characters, and fellow game director Yoko Taro was enamored by the beauty of a shopkeeper along with the majority of the player base.

The people from South Korea have been universally praised for their good looks, and the developers at Shift Up made sure their people were well represented and gave this ambitious title justice. These character designs were also effective marketing tools to spread the word about the project and make it more sellable.


Stellar Blade Is Full of Attractive Men and Women

The developers made sure all demographics were welcome in Stellar Blade.
The developers made sure all demographics were welcome in Stellar Blade.

Kim and the rest of Shift Up knew that this game could have a hard time competing with other major triple-A games that are more well-known and established. Sony’s gamble already paid off, and the risky project earned impressive accolades, like having the highest user score on Metacritic, which was certainly not on the director’s radar.

It is essential for a game developer to not lose touch with the gaming community to avoid losing its loyalty and attention. The developers were inspired by various projects, like James Cameron’s work on Alita: Battle Angel and the success of the Soulslike genre. Kim integrated these themes and ideas into this project, and it resonated well with the gaming community.

Human behavior tends to be predictable when they encounter something they find pleasing. In fact, the visual appeal of an object or idea can often be the deciding factor in its success. This is particularly true when it comes to business, where a product or service’s aesthetic value can significantly impact its profitability.


Kim was able to take advantage of the aesthetics and good looks of his people and utilize them in this project, which appealed to many. It may seem like these characters are just flexing their looks, but it is a great way to depict the fine people from a fine country.

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