Stellar Blade’s First Crossover Set to Bring Even More Revealing Outfits to Eve and Co.

"Can't wait for them to get censored."

Stellar Blade's First Crossover Set to Bring Even More Revealing Outfits to Eve and Co.


  • Stellar Blade is reportedly getting its first crossover with the free-to-play Gacha game Nikke.
  • The crossover will bring Nikke outfits to Stellar Blade which are more revealing than the outfits in the game.
  • Players are worried that Sony might censor the Nikke outfits as well but are hoping it does not.
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Stellar Blade, the PlayStation 5 exclusive title from Shift Up, was the talk of the town even before its release, and the reasons were the bold character and outfit design choices in the game. The game’s demo saw people divided over this topic, and despite that, the game opened to great reception.


There was a lot of controversy over the Stellar Blade outfits, and that led to Sony censoring them, but it seems like that was just a one-time thing. According to the reports, Stellar Blade is set to get its first crossover, and it will be bringing even more revealing outfits.

Stellar Blade Is Soon Getting Its First Crossover and More Revealing Outfits

Stellar Blade is reportedly getting its first collaboration soon.
Stellar Blade is reportedly getting its first collaboration soon.

Stellar Blade was a hit even before launch with its demo and debuted at the number one spot for physical sales in the UK in its launch week. The game sold nearly one million copies in just 24 hours of its release and is currently the highest user-rated PlayStation 5 game on Metacritic, with a user score of 9.2 at the time of writing.


Shift Up even announced the New Game+ a day before the full launch, which was heavily appreciated by the fans regardless of the outfit’s censorship backlash, and it was just one of the things that it had in mind. As per the latest reports, the game will soon get its first crossover with the free-to-play gacha game Nikke, which is also developed by Shift Up.

The crossover will reportedly see the Stellar Blade characters Eve, Lily, Tachy, and Raven appear in the gacha game while the outfits from the game make their way to Stellar Blade, which is even more revealing than what we have seen so far. Players are excited to hear about this potential collaboration, and it may be announced soon as game director Kim Hyung-tae has already teased it.


Players Are Excited About Stellar X Nikke Collab but Are Also Skeptical

The game may collab with the gacha game Nikke and bring more revealing outfits.
The game may collaborate with the gacha game Nikke and bring more revealing outfits.

In an interview, Kim Hyung-tae said that there will be “a very high-quality crossover collaboration” between the two games, and it seems to be happening soon, and fans have expressed their excitement for it. Many have said that it was only a matter of time before this happened, but some fans also have doubts that Sony might again censor some things.

One player wondered if the characters in the collaboration would be censored, while another added that Shift Up would “sneak” the crossover past Sony, as updates are not usually reviewed.


Despite their reservations about the collab, the majority of the fans appreciated the developer for quick updates and also shared what they would like to see in the game.


User Gideon on Gaming stated, “Eve in Alice’s body suit is GOING to happen,” while another player wants the developer to bring a Nier Automata collaboration and a Ghost in the Shell collaboration. Some also said Shift Up should quickly bring the boss challenge and photo mode.

What are your thoughts about the Stellar Blade and Nikke crossover? Let us know in the comments below!


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