Stellar Blade’s New Patch Offers a Middle Ground in the Censorship Controversy with Two New Alternate Skins that’ll Surely Calm Down the Complainers

You can lay down your pitchfork now, the war is over.

stellar blade


  • The original versions of Eve's costumes are reintroduced as alternatives in patch 1.003 to appease fans.
  • The highly anticipated Boss Rush mode is now available, offering new challenges and rewards.
  • Additional updates include new outfits, gameplay options, QoL improvements, and bug fixes.
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Stellar Blade is back in the news, and yes, it’s because of costume discourse again. However, this time, SHIFT UP (the studio behind the game) brings good news that will hopefully terminate the endless discussions about censorship.


With the new 1.003 patch released today, it seems that SHIFT UP has found the perfect solution to appease the sentiments of hurt players, without backing down from their initial decision.

The Latest Stellar Blade Patch Brings Back the ‘Uncensored’ Outfits

The original versions of Eve's costumes are finally back in the game
The original versions of Eve’s costumes are finally back in the game

With the newest patch, the team at SHIFT UP has really stepped up and introduced a ton of optimizations and improvements that are very much appreciated by the community.


However, one of the biggest parts of the update is the addition of the original Eve costumes that Stellar Blade fans claimed were censored by the company.

It’s not a complete replacement of the newer version of the costumes; instead, they’ve been added as alternative versions of those outfits. That way, you can pick and wear whichever version you’d like.


The entire controversy started after people noticed that the day one patch for the game added some minor alterations to a few of Eve’s outfits. People claimed that the game was being censored, which angered them as SHIFT UP claimed the game wouldn’t be censored.

SHIFT UP received an intense amount of backlash, and they were forced to address the controversy. It clarified that the new look of the costumes was the final design and not censorship on the studio’s part.

That didn’t stop people’s anger, however. People demanded the costumes be returned to their pre-patch state, and it looks like they got their wish. With the costumes back to how they were, hopefully, the discourse can pivot in another direction.


Move Aside Costumes, There’s More Exciting Updates to Focus On

Stellar Blade's highly anticipated boss rush mode is finally here
Stellar Blade‘s highly anticipated boss rush mode is finally here

Now that the costume controversy is done and dusted, let’s look at some of the additions in the game that are really going to shake things up.

First off, SHIFT UP has finally added a Boss Rush mode to Stellar Blade, which fans have been praying for since before its release. On a related note, a new outfit called the ‘Neurolink Suit’ can be obtained after defeating all bosses in the Boss Rush mode.


From the screenshot provided by the game’s official X/Twitter account, there are several difficulty options that you can select with a lot of statistics you can track, including items used, perfect parry count damage taken, personal best records, and more.

The developers want you to go crazy with the new mode. There are two new outfits from the ‘Kunoichi’ series that you can grab from Adam’s safe house. The developers have also added some new gameplay options, QoL improvements, and many bug fixes.

If you’ve played Stellar Blade, what do you think of patch 1.003? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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