Stephen Lang Movies: Why Hollywood Should Take a Bow

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Some of you know Stephen Lang from Avatar. Some of you have seen him in Don’t Breathe. Others may recognize him from his work in movies like Tombstone and Gettysburg. Stephen Lang is a man of many talents. Sadly the actor doesn’t look for name and fame and hence Hollywood keeps overlooking his chops. It is time we change that.


This list is a total Stephen Lang appreciation post. He deserves to know his work is well-appreciated.

He Tries New Things Because He Likes It

Stephen Lang in Beyond Glory (2015)
Beyond Glory (2015)

Stephen Lang may look like the Hollywood tough guy, But he is also as curious as a cat. The guy is into a lot more geeky stuff. But most important of all, he likes to learn more and more about the world of show business. In an interview with Screenrant, Lang explains how he got into becoming a producer because “it was fun.”


I produced two films before: Beyond Glory and The Wheatfield. I was a producer on those films, but in any case, I was offered the opportunity to be a producer on this film and it was fun. [Plus,] it was useful having your opinion on things so it sort of made sense to me, and I liked the movie plenty.

One Of The Last Great Hollywood Badasses

Hollywood's Unkillable Old Guy
Hollywood’s Unkillable Old Guy

Like we said, not many can carry the rough and rugged aura like Stephen Lang does. Be it playing a wheelchair bound mentor figure in Into The Badlands or a psychotic blind killer in a blacked out house in Don’t Breathe, he looks like Clint Eastwood on steroids. Even before he got cast as Colonel Quaritch, his imposing physique got him several roles where he played an indomitable antagonist. Take for example his blonde haired mass murderer in The Party Crasher or in the Michael J Fox movie The Hard Way.

Makes Even The Worst Of Projects Look Good

Terra Nova - Cancelled Sci Fi Series
Terra Nova – Cancelled Sci Fi Series

It is the mark of a true actor when your mere presence elevates the entire project, no matter how good or bad it is. Terra Nova was certainly not a bad show but it was marred with multiple problems and issues. Fox put in way too much money into the sci-fi show. And they refused to get out despite the money drain because of actors like Lang. The network was confident it would succeed since actors like Stephen lang were in it.

Even though the show no longer exists, it enjoys a cult like following and it is all because of actors like him.


Stephen Lang Is Actually Great With Fans

Stephen Lang - Great With Fans
Stephen Lang attends the premiere of 20th Century Fox’s ‘Alita: Battle Angel’

Fan accounts say Stephen Lang is a real sport. In his Beyond Glory one man show, a fan met him and Lang went out of his way to get his copy of A Few Good Men personalized for him. Don’t let his tough exterior fool you. Stephen Lang is a softie at heart. He is humble and down to earth, a combination we rarely find in today’s generation of celebs. Maybe he could teach a thing or two to the new blood of show business.

His Talent Shines In Big Budget Blockbusters

Stephen Lang - Colonel Quaritch in Avatar
Stephen Lang – Colonel Quaritch in Avatar

Avatar was not his only rodeo. Before the James Cameron movie broke world records, the guy was knee deep in the think broth of stardom. If you have watched The Men Who Stare at Goats, Tombstone, or Public Enemies, you would recognize an actor with class and suave. Stephen Lang has both and much more.

Stephen Lang Doesn’t Shy Away From Calling Out Hollywood

Old Westerns & War Movies are Stephen Lang favorites
Old Westerns & War Movies are his favorites

In the same interview, Lang was asked about his favorite movie genre. A diehard movie buff, the actor said he likes old War movies and Westerns. But he also adds how Hollywood is killing the Hollywood Golden Age with make believe blockbusters that only touch upon the genre and don’t dive deep:


I love Westerns. If I had to pick a genre, it would probably be a toss up between Westerns and War movies. I like action [laughs].

I adore the genre but look, it’s been flattened out, as you put it, for a long, long, long, long time. But there’s always room for a great one. They do get made, but it’s been a while. But I don’t know, it’s all about story: if you have a good story, you can tell it as a Western.


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