“Steven Seagal, I challenge you”: 2 Time Heavyweight Boxing Champion Wanted ‘Under Siege’ Star in the Ring Before He Fled to Russia

"Steven Seagal, I challenge you": 2 Time Heavyweight Boxing Champion Wanted 'Under Siege' Star in the Ring Before He Fled to Russia

Steven Seagal has been the top box office attraction during the 1990s. Often appearing as the martial arts action figure in movies, Seagal portrayed b*tt-kicking characters just like his offscreen persona. However, the star faded from his age of popularity in recent years and became a Russian citizen in 2016. 

Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal

However, the seventh-dan black belt in Aikido and the chief instructor within the Russian Federation of martial art, Steven Seagal is perpetually hated and labeled synonymous to jerk by several personalities. Despite his flattering martial arts skills, Seagal was challenged by George Foreman for a fight within the ring, before he fled to Russia forever. 

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George Foreman Challenged Steven Seagal For A Fight

Moving to Japan at the age of 17, Steven Seagal acquired an interest in martial arts and thus flourished in judo, kendo, karate, and aikido. Flexing his martial arts skills, Seagal later became a consultant for Hollywood movies, choreographed fight scenes, and served as a bodyguard/trainer. Gaining connections from there, the 71-year-old ultimately made his onscreen debut in 1988. 

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Steven Seagal
Seagal joined movies as an action star

However, with his fame, Steven Seagal was also presented with enemies and haters. With his list of haters increasing, the actor soon faced a downfall in his career. That’s when he decided to flee to Russia for a new beginning. However, prior to his departure, Seagal was challenged by the 2-time heavyweight boxing champion, George Foreman for a fight. 

Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal was challenged by George Foreman

Despising Steven Seagal, George Foreman issued a challenge to the actor via Twitter in 2017. “Steven Seagal, I challenge you One on one, I use boxing you can use whatever. 10 rounds in Vegas.” Foreman wrote. Further, the boxing champ shared with Everlast about his discussions with Seagal’s manager and how they would be discussing further, “in the days to come”. However, later it came to the conclusion that Seagal left for Russia and thus the match never transpired.

However, it is for sure the Seagal vs Foreman match would have been legendary as Foreman had full confidence, that he would “knock [Seagal] out in one or two rounds.”


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Why Do People Despise Steven Seagal? 

George Foreman wasn’t the only person who hated Steven Seagal and wished to fight him. As mentioned earlier, the 71-year-old apart from acquiring skills and fame also acquired a long list of haters. But why is it that the big-screen action hero faced his career downfall and immense hate at the same time? Well, it is said, Seagal was dogged by controversies and assault cases by the end of his career. 

Steven Seagal
Seagal faced a major career downfall

Following his close contact friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Steven Seagal received immense backlash at his workplace. Further, the Hard to Kill actor was accused of several s*xual misconducts by celebrities and commoners. Seagal also faced a huge downfall in his shady cryptocurrency scheme. Thus, with his downhill trajectory, the actor further faced numerous bizarre accusations. 

Steven Seagal
Seagal’s friendship with Putin landed him in troubles

With his increasingly widespread controversies, there came changes in the behavior of Steven Seagal. Thus, celebrities in the industry were not happy with the 71-year-old and offered him perpetual cold shoulders. Labeling him a cringe, obnoxious, self-important jerk, the industry seemingly boycotted the actor, forcing him to leave for Russia, to set a new life. 

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Source: Nicki Swift, Twitter 

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