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‘Stick to making rocket ships. I’ll stick to pretending to fly them’: Star Trek Actor Anson Mount Trolls Elon Musk So Badly it’s More Painful Than a Vulcan Nerve Pinch

'Stick to making rocket ships. I'll stick to pretending to fly them': Star Trek Actor Anson Mount Trolls Elon Musk So Badly it's More Painful Than a Vulcan Nerve Pinch

Elon Musk has been on the headlines of every news-sharing platform making his presence regularly. Be it the revolutionary changes he pushes on for the users of Twitter or his extreme point of view on subjects that require a more sophisticated and well-thought-out approach. Elon Musk appears to be not holding back anything as he goes on putting his mind out on the platform only to receive strong criticism from users that even include celebrities.

A recent tweet by CEO Elon Musk grabbed the attention of multiple blue-tick accounts and other users for all the wrong reasons. Anson Mount, the actor from Star Trek went head-on with Musk as he trolled the latter in a tweet that caught everyone’s eyes.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Anson Mount Goes After Elon Musk Following His Tweet

Actor Anson Mount didn’t shy away from taking a dig after Elon Musk as his recent tweet caught everyone off-guard. While it wasn’t surprising coming from Tesla CEO Elon, it surely was enough to get mixed reviews from everyone with users mostly going against it. The tweet went with an artwork of a representation of a figure brainwashed with the notions of the LGBTQ+ community, Black Lives Matter, Twitter and CNN, and several other logos with a few shots of what appears to be the covid vaccines. The Tweet went as:

The tweet talks about Musk’s beliefs stating he is not ‘brainwashed’ by any of that. Responding to the tweet, Anson Mount made a re-tweet asking Elon to “Stick to making rocket ships, Poindexter, and I’ll stick to pretending to fly them. Deal?” Have a look at the re-tweet:

When a user replied to Musk’s original tweet, the latter replied to the user stating that he is not against pronouns that are based on visual cues but rather against someone who gives a visual cue of he or her while asking to be called a certain pronoun.

Musk replied,”Yeah, I’m not a fan of pronouns when someone is giving every possible visual cue for he or she, but then still insists on telling you exactly what you expect. I do support pronouns that aren’t completely obvious based on visual cues.”

Elon Musk Twitter scaled
Elon Musk

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Elon Musk’s Mishaps Have Cost Him A Fair Share

It has not been a new experience for Mr.Musk as he has been on the receiving end of similar criticism in the past. Yet nothing seems to shake him up as his stance about a certain topic remains sturdy. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO propagates free speech for the people on the platform only to put a leash on them later on by charging for their blue check badge monthly in the form of a subscription. CEO Musk has also laid off several employees of the microblogging platform without prior notice.

Musk’s shifts and mishaps started on his first day at the Twitter office as fired CEO Parag Aggarwal and other top executives from the organization as he took on the post of CEO and sole director of the company. After the new CEO’s strict rules floated across the cubicles of the office, followed by the firing of several employees, in came a massive resignation from Twitter employees, across the board.

As Apple stopped its advertising on the platform, Musk tweeted:

MCU Star Mark Ruffalo replied to this tweet saying:

Users can only hope Elon Musk starts figuring out where he has been going wrong in these past months.

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Written by Rupam Basak

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