“Stop f**king with everybody that’s a little bit older”: Mark Wahlberg Called Out Kevin Hart after Hart’s Very Public Humiliation of Secret Invasion Star

"Stop f**king with everybody that's a little bit older": Mark Wahlberg Called Out Kevin Hart after Hart's Very Public Humiliation of Secret Invasion Star
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Starting up as a comedian in Hollywood, Kevin Hart slowly established himself as a renowned actor for his entertaining roles and hilarious portrayal of characters. However, Hart soon became the epicenter of controversies for which he ended up facing backlash. Following his most recent awkward encounter with Don Cheadle, the comedian even got called out by his co-star, Mark Wahlberg. 

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Appearing for an interview in an episode of Hart to Heart, Mark Wahlberg was attacked by Kevin Hart with his ageism. That’s when the actor slammed Hart for his malevolent nature of humiliating people for their age. 

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Mark Wahlberg Called Out Kevin Hart For His Ageism 

Having numerous critically acclaimed movies under his belt, Mark Wahlberg became one of the most renowned faces in Hollywood. Playing his infamous role of Cade Yeager in Michael Bay’s popular Transformers franchise, Wahlberg tried his hands on sci-fi movies. Further, the actor even shared the screen with the renowned comedian Kevin Hart in the 2022 film, Me Time. 

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg appeared on Hart to Heart

Following their performance and working together, Mark Wahlberg appeared on Kevin Hart’s show Hart to Heart, to recall his career timeline. Appearing on the show early on in 2023, Wahlberg spent quality time discussing his inception and struggles in Hollywood. However, soon Hart went on to attack the actor for his growing age. 

As a young guy, trying to achieve the success that you have already achieved” Kevin Hart targeted Wahlberg.   

Kevin Hart posing stylishly along with Mark Wahlberg.
Mark Wahlberg called out Kevin Hart

Feeling humiliated by Hart’s approach to the discussion about his tenure in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg slammed the comedian for his ageism. “You ain’t that f*cking young. Stop f*cking with everybody that’s a little bit older” Wahlberg called out. Further recalling Hart’s previous humiliating incident of ageism, with MCU actor Don Cheadle, Wahlberg criticized the host for his malevolent approach.  


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Kevin Hart’s Awkward Interview With Don Cheadle

While Mark Wahlberg snapped out of the humiliating situation by calling out Kevin Hart for repeatedly targeting Hollywood veterans, the show’s previous guest failed to get over the attack. The Avenger actor Don Cheadle appeared on Hart to Heart to discuss his music and acting career. However, soon the topic of conversation shifted towards his age. 

Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle appeared on Hart to Heart

Discussing his philanthropic efforts apart from his Hollywood career, Don Cheadle clarified “and me, you know, I’m 56 years old.” (during the time of the interview). That’s when Kevin Hart blurted, “damn” in an indecent way, effectively cutting Cheadle off mid-sentence. The interview was thus followed by an awkward silence and much glaring from the MCU actor. 

Kevin Hart
Hart humiliated Cheadle for his age

Although the interview was later carried on without another hitch, after Hart apologized for his indecency, fans, and audiences were thoroughly ashamed of the comedian’s response to Cheadle’s age. The interview caused social media to split in two, as a group of netizens called out Kevin Hart for his ageism, while others simply considered it a hilarious and innocent response. 

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