Stranger Things Actor Joseph Quinn Recalled “Pretty Unusual and Very Disarming” Audition For Netflix Show That Left Him Worried and Confused

Joseph Quinn was quite nervous during his Stranger Things audition!

Stranger Things Actor Joseph Quinn Recalled “Pretty Unusual and Very Disarming” Audition For Netflix Show That Left Him Worried and Confused


  • Stranger Things' casting process was quite unusual for Joseph Quinn with no meetings, no chemistry reads, and no protracted process.
  • Mastering the American accent was a nightmare for Quinn, made him feel like a feel like a sociopath.
  • Quinn's Stranger Things co-star Joe Keery comforted him during the auditions
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The popular Netflix series, Stranger Things has delivered some incredible young talent while also winning the hearts of millions of viewers across the globe. With its nostalgic 1980s setting, supernatural elements, and impressive cast, the Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer smash-hit series has enthralled viewers all over the world. One of the show’s gifted newcomers, Joseph Quinn, who played the intriguing Eddie Munson in the fourth season, once revealed some fascinating details about his unusual casting process.


Taking on the role of Munson in the fourth season of Stranger Things helped the English actor become well-known abroad. In 2019, he was chosen for the role, and the season’s filming began in 2021. Quinn was also recognized for his work with a Saturn Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Streaming Series.

Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn

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Joseph Quinn Recalled His ‘Unusual’ Casting Process

Joseph Quinn played Eddie Munson, a student at Hawkins High School who also served as the leader of the school’s Hellfire Club and the guitarist for the band Corroded Coffin. In light of Eddie having a significant memorable moment in the two-part Stranger Things season four, the English actor has reflected on his experience getting cast in the sci-fi horror drama show, including the unusual casting process.

Stranger Things Season 4, Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson
Stranger Things Season 4, Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson

Quinn discussed how he was chosen to play Munson in an interview with The Guardian, saying he thought the selection process was different from what he was accustomed to. 

The actor elaborated when asked about the casting process after submitting two audition tapes, stating that there were “no meetings or chemistry readings” involved and that it took less time than he anticipated.


“No meetings, no chemistry reads, no protracted process. It was pretty unusual and very disarming.”

Quinn also admitted that this made him wonder whether the Duffer Brothers, who created the show, would later think they had mistakenly cast the actor:

“It meant I was waiting for [creators] the Duffer brothers to realize they’d made a mistake.”

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The Stranger Things 4 American Accent Made Joseph Quinn Crazy

Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson

Thanks to his portrayal of the misunderstood Hellfire Club leader Eddie Munson, Joseph Quinn has become the surprise star of Stranger Things 4. 


He is a British actor who began his career playing parts in BBC dramas like Howards End and Dickensian. Thus, mastering the American accent for the show was quite challenging for him. After co-host Ed Gamble praised his American accent in an episode of the Off Menu podcast, Quinn said (via Insider):

“You feel like a sociopath. After awhile I was so far down the rabbit hole, at points I’d be like, ‘Do I sound good? Do you like this? Do you like what I’m doing?’”

Joe Keery, who co-starred with Quinn and has played fan favorite Harrington since the blockbuster Netflix series’ first season, helped to ease Quinn’s anxiety attacks related to his American accent. The two grew close while filming Stranger Things 4 as Quinn said (per Off Menu podcast):

“I was talking to Joe Keery and at one point I was so deep in it and he was like ‘Dude, I can’t save you, but I promise you it’s gonna be fine.’”

Joe Quinn
Joseph Quinn

Quinn’s performance on Stranger Things went on to win both fans and critics over, so it was all right. 


With references to 1980s pop culture, the Duffer Brothers created Stranger Things as a blend of investigative drama and supernatural elements. The show, which began in 2016, has seen record-breaking viewership on the streaming service. It has received praise from critics for its characterization, setting, acting, soundtrack, directing, writing, and nods to 1980s movies. 

Stranger Things received a fifth and final season renewal in February 2022.

All 4 seasons of Stranger Things are currently available on Netflix.


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