Stranger Things Had Foreshadowed Eddie Munson’s Fate in a Tiny Yet Mesmerizing Detail

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Stranger Things has had fans screaming, weeping, crying — the whole shebang. If it was not for the finality of the impending doom that is the upcoming Season 5 of the Netflix series, people would have been irreparably fuming over the death of Eddie Munson and a comatose Max Mayfield.

Stranger Things
Dustin getting ready for battle against demo bats in Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 2 finale

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However, internet sleuths have taken over the responsibility of finding out if the creators and writers of the sci-fi horror drama series had been toying with the audience by bespattering the characters and their traits with foreshadowing and clues. And as it so happens, one very tiny yet mesmerizing detail about the Munson fate had indeed been foreshadowed in the series’ beginning.


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Eddie Munson’s Bat Tattoo: Foreshadowing or Coincidence?

Anything to do with Stranger Things would be far from coincidence. The writers and directors, the Duffer Brothers, have an unbridled mastery over storytelling. Their meticulously crafted detail of every aspect of the building narrative of Stranger Things, starting from Season 1 and culminating in fifth and final season is demonstrative of that power.

Joe Quinn Eddie Munson Hellfire Club
Joe Quinn plays Eddie Munson, the metal head guitarist and President of Hellfire Club

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And so, the mystery that is Eddie Munson unravels. Amateur sleuths have gone over aspects of every Stranger Things detail to find out premonitions and foreshadowing of what’s to come and this recent revelation is so blatantly in-our-face that it’s embarrassing to notice upon rewatch. Joe Quinn’s metalhead character has two tattoos that directly reference the fate of Eddie Munson in Season 4.

One of the tattoos are of a colony of bats and the other is a sinister, more derivative tattoo depicting master of puppets. Of course, the former is relevant to the end of Eddie Munson but the latter has a deeper meaning than Eddie’s metalhead concert performance of the Upside Down and requires more exploration into.


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The Master of Puppets and Other Fan Theories

Fan theories are never to be taken lightly. And the discovery of the Munson tattoos has led to an avalanche of the same in the past days since the release of Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 2. In one of those theories, Eddie, after being corporally left behind in the Upside Down and massacred by the demo bats is turned into Kas, the half-human half-vampire character from D&D. The theory becomes interesting because it is Kas who betrays and kills Vecna in the end.

Eddie Guitar Scene
Eddie Munson’s metal concert in the Upside Down

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The master of puppets tattoo could mean that the writers plan on reviving Eddie in the final season, if only to be puppeteered by Vecna in the beginning, followed by betraying (with Dustin’s help, of course) and aiding in the defeat of the superpowered villain from the inside. In another theory, it is Max who is being used as a vessel for Vecna since Eleven had entered into her mind only to find it completely void of life or consciousness.

Stranger Things
Max in Season 4, the last of Vecna’s victims

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In a delightful discovery, a Stranger Things fan has gone as far back as Season 2 to the scene where Hopper digs up the pumpkin patch and, for the first time, enters into the over-reaching tunnels of the Mind Flayer, thus coming in contact with the then-unknown Vecna. As he jumps inside, the camera turns upside down and the audience can hear the grandfather clock chiming in the background, loud and resonant, before the screen goes black.


Stranger Things Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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