Stranger Things Wildest Theory Suggests a Greater Threat Than Vecna is Coming in Final Season That Was Teased By Will Byers

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Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things, has given its viewers something commendable enough of being called a worthy experience. The series, created by Duffer Brothers, has successfully surpassed a 4-season term of monsters, superpowers, children with lots of guts, and a penchant for Dungeons and Dragons.

Stranger Things Season 4
Stranger Things Season 4, El and her California crew

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In its latest arc, the evil mastermind behind the ravages left behind in the first 3 seasons finally gets a face and an identity. His name is Vecna and he is the merchant of nightmares and death. The psychopathic Henry Creel grows up to become the doom of Hawkins as he rips through the city to rise to the surface.


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Stranger Things 4 Brings the War to Hawkins

As citywide evacuation takes place and the local high school is turned into a makeshift refugee camp for the injured, a single van drives into town in stark contrast to all the others driving out of Hawkins. Eleven and her posse return home after being away in the sunny state of California just in time to see it burn.

Stranger Things S4 California
The crew escapes from California and set on a path that will lead them to Eleven and Hawkins

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The past catches up to her as 001 aka Henry Creel aka Vecna rips open the ground to rise out of the Upside Down and bring hellish evil to the surface. Even as the Hawkins crew apparently defeated Vecna, in the end, there was no proof shown to affirm that with finality. So, Season 4 ends on a cliffhanger, Will finally puts a name and a face to the horror that has been plaguing him since the moment he picked up the shotgun in the shed, El has her powers back, and the team is back together to fight the oncoming war.


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New Stranger Things Theory About the Season 5 Villain

A true D&D enthusiast will find haven in the show’s easter eggs and references. And as the seasons’ progress, viewers become familiarized with the game and the monsters and threats inhabiting the world. What began with a rogue Demogorgon attack is now viewed only as a pawn sent for a recon mission by the main villain, i.e. Vecna.

Borys The Dragon
Borys The Dragon

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However, the main villain, or even the most powerful one in the actual D&D world isn’t Vecna but a red dragon named Borys of Ebe. Also known as The Dragon or the Sorcerer King of Ur Draxa, Borys’ narrative is that of a typical villain origin story with death, sacrifice, defilement, and transformation. He possesses enhanced psionic abilities and may even be a force to match Tiamat, the all-powerful goddess of all evil dragons.

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Now, why this factors into a Stranger Things Season 5 theory is because Will in his painting for Mike shows a depiction of the party fighting off a three-headed red dragon. Granted Borys has only one while Tiamat has 5, it can only be an indication of what is to come if Stranger Things really follow through with its narrative pertaining close to the D&D world.

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