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Strongest Old Characters In Comic Books

They may be old but that does not mean they do not pack a punch. These old characters from comic books are still a force of nature and kick your a$$ in a heartbeat.



He is a mysterious blind man who has trained several marvel artists like Daredevil and Matt Murdock. Stick looks frail and old. But in reality, he is one of the strongest close quarter specialists Marvel has to offer. Effortlessly holding his own against an army of The Hand operatives is a piece of cake for him. He also has several other abilities under his disposal. In Marvel Comics, he is revealed to be a telepath and possesses the unique ability to drain life force from other people. This explains his longevity and his ability to escape almost certain death every time. Stick has already made multiple live action appearances. He first appeared in the Elektra movie before making recurring appearances in Netflix’s Daredevil and Defenders.

Master Izo


The man simply known as Master Izo was once a loyal member of The Hand while it was still an honorable samurai alliance. After the death of the original leader of the alliance – Yoshioka, Izo decided to leave the organization. The Hand soon became a demonic ninja cult hell-bent on world domination. Master Izo started the Chaste in response, to counter The Hand. He is at least 500 years old and blind as a bat, just like Daredevil. Like Matt, Izo can also use echo-location and possesses the signature radar sense. His martial arts prowess is even better than Stick’s and despite his advanced age, has incredible stamina, durability, and endurance. Izo is also a practitioner of the art of dual-wielded Katanas.

The Dark Knight Returns Batman

Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller’s The dark Knight Returns gave us a very older, smarter, and grittier version of the Batman. In this alternate comic book arc, Bruce Wayne has retired on account of his age. But when a new crime wave hits Gotham City, a 50 year old batman returns to a life of crime-fighting. Despite his age, Batman proves to be more than a match for the hardened criminals. Even Superman, who has not aged a bit, is beaten to a pulp thanks to Batman and his meticulously cunning plans. The Batman from the Dark Knight returns may not be immortal but his actions make him one heck of a legend.

Max Mercury

Max Mercury

A practical God and a legend amongst the speedsters of the DC Universe, Max Mercury is a name sacred to DC fans. He was the first human ever to tap into the Speed Force. But unlike Barry Allen and Wally West, Mercury gained access to the Speed Force via mystical means. Max Crandall ws once a 19th century messenger who then became a master of the Speed Force. He frequently travels through time and is a good friend of both Johnny Quick and Jay Garrick. His connection to the Speed Force keeps him at his physical prime despite being of such an advanced age. Over the years, this guy has mentored many other up and coming speedsters like Impulse.

The Ancient One

The Ancient One

Hundreds of years ago, The Ancient One lived the life of a peaceful farmer in the womb of the Himalayas. After him and his friend discovered magic, the two became powerful sorcerers and fought each other over ideological differences. The Ancient One won but at a great cost. His friend was banished to another dimension whole he was stripped off of his immortality. Despite losing the gift of eternal life, the Ancient One still used his magic to slow his ageing to almost zero. With vast knowledge of literally every magical spell and incantation, the Ancient one is a supernatural force of nature not even Doctor Strange can deal with head on. After The Ancient One unified the Vishanti, his powers have become even more Godlike.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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