Studio Eclypse Isn’t Just Giving Fans an Ideal Berserk Anime but also the Dream Attack on Titan Ending

Studio Eclypse does what no other animation studio would by giving fans not just a Berserk anime but also a different ending for Attack on Titan.

Berserk and Attack on Titan


  • Studio Eclypse just released the concept trailer for Berserk: The Black Swordsman, renewing the faith of fans in the anime.
  • The studio is not just giving them a better version of the anime but also an alternating ending for a controversial anime.
  • Attack on Titan's ending was a controversial subject, so Studio Eclypse took it upon themselves to adapt an alternate ending.
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Anime and success go hand in hand, but sometimes, anime and disappointment also co-exist. Studio Eclypse is out there to take away that problem. Some anime come out with so much hype that the fan-following already stands there in full dedication. Some manage to live up to the mark or even surpass it. Others, on the other hand, fail to do so, gradually descending into a downward spiral.

Berserk: The Black Swordsman Concept Trailer | Studio Ecylpse
Berserk: The Black Swordsman Concept Trailer | Credit: Studio Eclypse

Mangas such as Tokyo Ghoul, Seven Deadly Sins, Record of Ragnarok, and many others have found their fates twisted with bad anime adaptations. Amongst them also stand two of the most controversial adaptations, Berserk and Attack on Titan. However, one studio alone has taken responsibility to at least try their level best into fixing the chaos created by these shows.

Studio Eclypse, the Savior

Studio Eclypse has been making heads turn with the latest trailer for Berserk: The Black Swordsman. The studio is a group of fans who took it upon themselves to honor the legacies of some of the biggest mangakas and their works. While the anime adaptations may have done justice to some parts of the mangas, fans weren’t happy with many of the other aspects. Berserk is the biggest example of the same with a not-so-great anime adaptation that had fans furious.

Berserk: The Black Swordsman | Studio Eclypse
Berserk: The Black Swordsman | Credit: Studio Eclypse

One of the most controversial endings that any anime or manga has had would be Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan. The world was divided into two with many wanting a separate ending for the series, dissatisfied with what the ultimate outcome was. To honor these other untold stories, Studio Eclypse took things into their own hands, choosing to animate not just the Black Swordsman arc of Berserk but also Attack on Titan Requiem

There are many disappointed fans waiting for both the adaptations considering that they have the opportunity to undo and fix aspects that did not sit well with fans.

Studio Eclypse is Leaving No Stone Unturned

For Berserk: The Black Swordman, Studio Eclypse recently revealed its official trailer, marking the start of the much-awaited series. Not only have they sworn to stay away from 3-D animation, but they have also promised to honor Kentaro Miura’s legacy without ruining his creation. Unlike the previous anime that found itself in a disaster because of 3-D CGI animation, this one would stick to 2-D animation with an entirely new soundtrack as well (Via Instagram).

Last conversation between Eren and Armin | Credit: MAPPA

On top of that, they are going above and beyond in animating an alternate ending for Attack on Titan, Attack on Titan Requiem. The idea first came into being with Linked Horizon’s Akatsuki no Requiem music video as its biggest inspiration. The band has made many of the anime’s openings and endings. The manga of the same name is a self-published project that rewrote the last three chapters of the original manga, completely changing the ending of Attack on Titan.

Instead of disregarding the ending Isayama made, it simply creates a different scenario, diving into different ideas and the way the world of the series was left.

Attack on Titan Requiem will premiere in Fall of 2024 and Berserk: The Last Swordsman will premiere in 2025.

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