Succession Writer, Lucy Prebble, Considering Return to Video Games After Watching The Last of Us. 

The Last of Us

When people think of the gaming industry, many tend to think of big games like The Last of Us, God of War, and Starfield, but many forget about the developers behind those amazing games. During a recent interview between Lucy Prebble and BBC Hardtalk’s, Stephen Sackur, the renowned Succession writer expressed her feelings towards returning the gaming industry and what it means to her as a fan of video games.

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Why Does Lucy Prebble Want to Make a Return to Video Game Writing?

Lucy Prebble has been a valuable asset for HBO's Succession, and after watching The Last of Us, she might want to get back into writing for video games.
Lucy Prebble has been a valuable asset for HBO’s Succession, and after watching The Last of Us, she might want to get back into writing for video games.

During her interview with BBC Hardtalk, Prebble answered a few questions regarding video games and whether she would like to make a return to the gaming industry. Throughout the interview, all she could say was yes, and the main reason she wants to return is because the gaming industry:

are doing things that are genuinely, massively exciting in a way that other forms just aren’t. They aren’t moving

And she feels that the gaming industry is less predictable.

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That said, many players who have been gaming for many years will disagree as they believe video games are becoming very predictable regarding things like story-telling, combat style, and overall art style. But there is a lot more untapped potential with gaming that the TV and Film industry cannot reach, due to its limited potential, whereas the gaming industry has a lot more possibility.

Even though, at the moment, the gaming industry may be quite stale and predictable, Lucy Prebble has said, “I don’t think [predictability is] completely confined to gaming,” as this is also an issue regarding Film and TV media. She feels that if members of the community looked towards more “Artier” games by which she means indie games, you will see a lot less predictability as those type of titles are unique in their own way.

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When Considering Where Prebble Might Go, The Last of Us Part 3 Should Be a Possibility

The Last of Us may have inspired the writer to return to gaming.
The Last of Us may have inspired the writer to return to gaming.

When it comes to the gaming industry, there are numerous categories, but regarding Lucy Prebble and her love for indie games and their uniqueness, it would be amiss for her not to go into that category of gaming. She could be perfect to help bring indie games out of the shadows and more into the light may are very unique in their own way. They deserve recognition and with Lucy Prebble as part of the writing team, they will definitely get a bigger response from players.

That being said, Prebble has worked on bigger games in the past, as she was a part of the writing team for Destiny 1, and that story was quite interesting and unique in its own way. It also left fans asking many questions they wanted answers. Now, with her wanting to make a return to gaming, she could return to the writing team on games like Destiny 2 or even The Last Of Us 3 and be a part of the next major release.

For now, this is all just speculation as Prebble has made no statement that she will actually be returning to the gaming industry. But with her work on shows like Succession and I Hate Suzie, we are very eager to see Lucy return to gaming and bring us unique new stories we can enjoy through the media of gaming.

What do you think about Lucy Prebble returning to the gaming industry as a writer? Would you like to see an indie game written by Prebble? Or would she be perfect to add to The Last of Us franchise? Let us know in the comments!

Source: PC Gamer

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