Will Smith and Margot Robbie’s Suicide Squad Finally Getting the Love it Deserves after Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Further Torments Fans of the Source Material

Fans believe that with better characters and an even better plot, the 2016 movie wins out.

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  • The Suicide Squad film from 2016 received several negative reviews upon release.
  • Comparing it to this year's game, one fan has posted on Reddit showing long overdue love for the movie.
  • Rocksteady has seen a mix of reception from gamers, with some believing the studio has missed the mark entirely.
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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was released on the 30th of January after a lot of negative backlash that started well before the game was released. Due to this backlash by fans for Rocksteady’s live service game, another adaptation is being praised in comparison.


Back in 2016, the DC movie adaptation of the same property was released as part of the DC Extended Universe, and was opened to a lot of criticism. Even David Ayer, the Director, revealed he would have changed a lot of things about it. One fan has now compared the two and stated that Rocksteady’s game makes the movie look far better.

2016’s Suicide Squad Trumps Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Ayer's Suicide Squad is getting the due respect compared to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.
Ayer’s Suicide Squad is getting respect compared to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (SSKTJL) is not adapted from a comic book directly, and is an original plot set in the Arkhamverse. However, has not stopped fans of DC from shredding down the game.


Spoilers may follow, so do continue reading with that in mind.

Harley’s growth from being a pawn in the Arkhamverse games, to standing on her own and leading the team, to Flash and Superman fighting the anti-heroes like equals despite being able to kill them instantly, were some of the many issues fans have had.

One fan, however, posted on Reddit that the game’s failure has made him appreciate the 2016 movie. The film was criticized for a lackluster plot, and while Margot Robbie’s role as Harley Quinn was well received, Will Smith’s Deadshot wasn’t as equally well-reviewed.


Despite complaints about the characters in the film, it appears their video game counterparts have seen even worse treatment when considering the source material. Quinn’s character in particular has received flak for being the one to have killed Batman, which should have been handled a lot better.

Being a Live Service Title Has Done Little to Help

Better content and updates planned well could still revive the title and bring more fans to the game.
Better content and updates planned well could still revive the title and bring more fans to the game.

The rocky launch did more damage to the co-op multiplayer game than anyone could have predicted.

One of the factors that led to the failure of Marvel’s Avengers was the inability to attract gamers through better post-launch content. This will certainly be a factor to consider for SSKTJL, since some concerned about a reliance on future DLC.


It was recently revealed that Joker will be part of a Season 1 update coming next month. However, even that has drawn criticism, as the Joker appears to have been severely downgraded compared to the iconic version of the character from Rocksteady’s previous games.

It will remain to be seen whether SSKTJL will recover from this rocky launch the same way No Man’s Sky developers did by fixing certain persistent issues.

It will now be down to Rocksteady to ensure SSKTJL isn’t abandoned, and becomes valued by fans the same way the 2016 movie adaptation is now being appreciated.


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