Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League May Already Be Dead and Buried on Steam, and Consoles Can’t Be Far Behind

What are we, some kind of Marvel's Avengers?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League May Already Be Dead and Buried on Steam, and Consoles Can't Be Far Behind


  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is performing even worse than expected on Steam.
  • It is barely managing to reach 2000 players every day, with an all-time peak of just over 13,000.
  • Games like Marvel's Avengers and Gotham Knights actually performed relatively better.
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Initially, the idea of getting a Suicide Squad game from the studio that blessed the industry with the Arkhamverse seemed like an exciting prospect. However, things started going downhill when Rocksteady revealed that Kill the Justice League would be a live-service title.


That doesn’t even scratch the surface of all of the massive hindrances that the game had to face leading up to its release, ranging from numerous leaks to a disastrous early access launch.

All of these things definitely didn’t help Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League‘s reputation, but it seems that even after giving the game a fair chance, the majority of players have decided to spend their time doing something more worthy of it.


The Steam Charts for Suicide Squad Aren’t Looking Good

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League only managed to reach an all-time peak of just over 13,000 players.
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League only managed to reach an all-time peak of just over 13,000 players on Steam.

One look at the Charts is enough to show how horribly the new Suicide Squad game is performing on PC, as it managed an all-time peak of only 13,459 players. This was recorded 13 days ago, a little while after Rocksteady Studios officially took the game out of early access and released it for everyone.

What makes the whole scenario even sadder to witness is that not even 2,000 gamers are investing their time into this live-service title, as the 24-hour peak stands at 1,978 players at the time of writing.

This should definitely be a wake-up call for Rocksteady Studios, as these are not the numbers a developer wants to see just two weeks after it releases a game of this scale. The title seems to have died and been buried on Steam, and there does not seem to be much hope for it to bounce back.


Of course, the game is set to receive plenty of new content in the form of seasons throughout the first year of its launch, and with someone as iconic as the Joker joining in, it could be interesting enough for players to give it another chance.

Rocksteady Studios’ Game Hasn’t Even Reached the Peak of Marvel’s Avengers

Games like Marvel's Avengers and Gotham Knights have performed better on Steam than Rocksteady Studios' title.
Games like Marvel’s Avengers have performed better than Rocksteady Studios’ title.

There seems to be some sort of curse following superhero team-up video games, and Suicide Squad is continuing that trend but somehow doing even worse than Marvel’s Avengers and Gotham Knights. To put things into context, both of those games were panned by critics and players alike, but they managed to pull some relatively higher peak numbers.

The former currently has an all-time peak of 31,165 players, while the latter sits at 24,138, which is honestly a little embarrassing for Rocksteady Studios’ latest effort.


Maybe if Suicide Squad was released before both those titles, people would not have learned their lesson, and it could have performed better. But as of right now, if console players get bored as well, things could just come to an end for Task Force X.

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