Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gets New Look Gameplay Trailer – Have Rocksteady Saved It?

During the new Suicide Squad Insider a new look gameplay trailer has been revealed for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, and it looks very promising.


  • Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice Leagues has now received a gameplay trailer.
  • Suicide Squad Insider episode 1 reveals new information from Rocksteady and is the first of many videos to come.
  • New gameplay trailer shows off gunplay, traversal, and early game story.
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Rocksteady has just released a brand new YouTube video for its upcoming game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, and this video is the first episode of an all-new Suicide Squad Insider, which will be used to reveal different aspects of the upcoming game.


Currently, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is set for a February 2nd release date, and from what is shown during this new insider video, it is already looking to be a rather unique and fun game that could bring gamers flocking back to Rocksteady’s Superhuman universe.

If you are looking to head into Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League spoiler-free, we recommend not reading any further, as slight spoilers for the first mission of the game will be discussed below.


What Has Been Revealed During the Suicide Squad Insider Video, and Could It Revive Player Interest in the Game?

For those who may not know, Rocksteady is a developer that is mainly known for the Batman Arkham series, which had players take control of Batman as he explored different locales, battled iconic villains, and solved mysteries.

Even though there have been four Arkham games, Rocksteady only worked on three, and those three games are some of the best superhero games that have ever been released. That could all change now as Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is looking to be a rather fun experience that could potentially overtake the Arkham Series.


During the Suicide Squad Insider, the early parts of the game have been revealed, with a detailed description of how traversal and combat will function within the game. These are the two main features that had many gamers worried, and it is a good sign that Rocksteady has already begun to explain how these features will work within its new game.

The primary worry that gamers have regarding Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is that it would try to stay similar to the Arkham series with close combat and stealth aspects. Those worries should now be extinguished, as the Suicide Squad Insider shows that each character has their own unique combat style, mainly guns, that they can use to their advantage.

Each character uses different weapons in their combat style, like characters like Captain Boomerang, who uses more close-range weapons like shotguns, whereas Deadshot relies more on snipers and assault rifles.


The other feature that players have worried about is traversal, and the good news is that each character again has their own unique traversal mechanics. Depending on the character you choose, there is the potential to fly through the sky with a jetpack, glide and grapple through the skies and between buildings, run and teleport with the help of some stolen speed, or just launch yourself into the sky thanks to in-human powers.

What Has Been Revealed Regarding the Story, and Will the Game Be Story-Driven?

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League receives a brand new gameplay trailer.
Suicide Squad Insider reveals all new information for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, along with a new look at the gameplay.

As the name suggests, the main goal of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will be to kill the Justice League, but that isn’t the only objective put forward before our villains. During the Suicide Squad Insider, a short reveal of early gameplay has been shown, as it is also described as a story-driven experience allowing for exploration but prioritising missions.

During this short reveal, we are introduced to our four playerable characters as they enter Metropolis through a train station. After venturing through this train station, they find a hidden elevator, which takes them into the bowels of the hall of justice.


In this hall of justice, for obvious reasons, the Suicide Squad decides their first act would be to steal valuable equipment that they can use to get around a lot easier. This is where the characters acquire their new traversal equipment, like Gizmos backpack, one of Batman’s grapples and drones, and a gauntlet created by Dr. Sivanna to harness the speed force.

After acquiring this equipment, the Suicide Squad makes their way outside, and that is where they see what they are in Metropolis for as they witness the Brainiacs ship in the sky and the carnage that is currently taking place within the city.

After their introduction to the new residence of Metropolis, aka brainiac forces, the Suicide Squad is taken on a tour by an infected Green Lantern. After witnessing the atrocities taking place, the Suicide Squad decides to get better weapons, and they are tasked with finding a rather well-known villain.


From what we can see from the Suicide Squad Insider, there has been a lot of love and care from Rocksteady in this new story, as they have made the change from a dark and gritty story to a bright and colourful set of scenery with bullets and chaos awaiting around each corner.

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