Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Shares an Unfortunate Accolade with 2023’s ‘Worst Game’ Skull Island: Rise of Kong

Suicide Squad will be globally released soon and Rocksteady would keep an eye on the reviews.

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  • Before Rise of Kong was hatched, not a lot of details about the game was known for lack of review codes.
  • Rocksteady's game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will hope to avoid being branded the first failure in 2024.
  • Apart from Season 1 content, a well-planned post-launch content for future seasons could still help Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in the long run.
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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is releasing globally tomorrow after a long wait. Rocksteady hasn’t been generous with review codes and while the studio did give gamers early access, it was pulled down almost immediately due to a major bug that affected the entire game.


2023 also had a game that failed miserably after eventually being released without any prior review codes and heavy backlash from initial teasers. The similarities between the failed project and the upcoming Rocksteady title remain uncanny. It will now take a monumental effort for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League to deliver and smash the initial bad reviews.

Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Could Be 2024’s Rise of Kong

Gamers and developers Rocksteady both wouldn't want Suicide Squad to fail as badly as Rise of Kong.
Gamers and developers Rocksteady both wouldn’t want Suicide Squad to fail as badly as Rise of Kong.

Among the several record-breaking titles that were released last year, Skull Island: Rise of Kong was the one title that fared the worst, very closely followed by the shooter game, The Day Before. Fast forward to the biggest title from Rocksteady in years that’s about to get a global release tomorrow, the game might get a similar treatment as Skull Island: Rise of Kong, for a lot of similar reasons.


Both games were widely restricted to the press, as nobody was given a copy for review. It doesn’t bode well for Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad especially as the game has already received a lot of bad press for itself. Even the developers and reviewers who were lucky enough to get hands-on with the game for a few minutes gave the game a highly negative review for the little time they played it.

Lack of clear direction, dated visuals in gameplay, repetitive combat, and unresponsive controls all made for Rise of Kong get a severely inadvisable review from everyone. However, there was pretty much nothing known about the game before release due to a lack of early-access review codes.

This was also true for The Day Before, and now Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad has also come on fire for similar reasons. The game was being developed by Rocksteady for a long time but initial teasers, trailers character design, and gameplay overall have all received a lot of backlash.


Post-Launch Content Could Still Save the Game

Season 1 will be adding Joker as a playable character but Arkhamverse fans already hate his looks.
Season 1 will be adding Joker as a playable character but Arkhamverse fans already hate his looks.

Suicide Squad‘s lack of roadmap for post-launch content has been another major factor why the game’s not poised to be a grand-scale success. Only recently did Rocksteady reveal Season 1 details with one major character being added to the game, unveiling The Joker from an Elseworlds universe.

The game being set in the Arkhamverse couldn’t continue with the character from the older games so Rocksteady decided to take inspiration for a new variant of the Joker to be included in the game, whose looks revealed by Rocksteady also got a lot of stick by fans.

Beyond Season 1, Rocksteady did not reveal any details but fans should expect more and more characters to get added to the game. Needless to say, well-planned live-service content could still pull fans but on the other hand, could also make the game lose the replayability factor.


Rocksteady Studios would be hoping the game does not end up being on the negative list once the game goes live.

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