Superhero Movies That Should Be Directed By Edgar Wright

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Many directors have their own unique style and ways by which they leave a mark on movies and the products they are in. Martin Scorsese and open/somber endings are a combo many few matches. Also, Tarantino and his unadulterated and unfiltered violence and language go hand in hand. And following this trend is Edgar Wright who has his eyes set on satirical yet hysterical comedy. But his movies still have a punch to them. Thus we think he can be a great match to direct some of the bigger budget superhero films which fall right in his alley and feel like a match made in heaven.


The Flash would be a great Edgar Wright movie

The Flash should be directed by Edgar Wright
The Flash

Coming out next year, the Flash movie is finally happening after a lot of delays. The development of the movie started in 2004. Many directors were attracted to the project and it could only start production in 2019. But it was again delayed by the 2020 lockdown. But now it’s finally complete and will be released on June 23, 2023. When it comes to Flash, he is one of the top-tier characters of DCEU. Edgar Wright would’ve worked so well with the character as Flash has a personality and a story that matches the director’s works. He would’ve developed a great movie and made it stand out. A Flash standalone film with a director like Wright would’ve been a DCEU classic.

Booster Gold would be perfect

Booster Gold should be directed by Edgar Wright
Booster Gold

Another DC comic character, a movie on Booster Gold has been announced. Now, Booster Gold is a glory-seeking character with his ability to time-travel. He uses his knowledge of past events and future technology to boast of as a hero. He is a happy-go-lucky character but after some tragedies, he is weighed down by his reputation as a hero. And a neutral character with time-traveling abilities would be something Wright can work with. His personality and powers are something the director would have fun cracking. Plus, his story is the kind he can work with and develop into something really great.


Spider-Man is a perfect character

Spider-Man should be directed by Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright was working on the Ant-Man project with MCU but he eventually left. But the fans do want to watch the Ant-Man movie made by him. His version of Ant-Man would’ve been quite different from the one that came out. Whatever the case may be, another Marvel character that Edgar Wright can develop really well is Spider-Man. Spider-Man is the quirky and young Avenger, he is funny and smart. Plus, the web swinger has an interesting and scientific story to him. Exactly the kind the director loves to work with. We have already seen quite a few versions of the Superhero, an Wright one would be great too.

Squirrel Girl would be an interesting character

Squirrel Girl should be directed by Edgar Wright
Squirrel Girl

Another Marvel character that Edgar Wright would really turn into an interesting movie is Squirrel Girl. She is a mutant with the ability to talk to squirrels and has been a member of both the Avengers and the Great Lake Avengers. Also, she has appeared as a supporting character in the stories of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. She has had her own solo series as well. The character is unique and if Marvel were to develop a movie on her, they should let Edgar Wright do it. Because he is the one director who can turn this Marvel heroine into a great one.

Doctor Strange would be in great hands

Doctor Strange should be directed by Edgar Wright
Doctor Strange

If Edgar Wright were to make a movie on the Sorceror Supreme, it would be one of the greatest MCU creations. Doctor Strange has powers that have not been explored in the movies. Edgar Wright loves to experiment and Doctor Strange would give him a lot to experiment with. He has a plethora of unique abilities that the director would build around and give him the story every Doctor Strange fan would love. In fact, the character is quite satirical just as the director loves it. The fans are already excited about the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. If one were made by Wright, it would just make them go crazy.


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