Superman and Batman: 11 Unknown Facts About The Greatest Superhero Friendship


The two most loved heroes of all time, Superman and Batman, have been each other’s allies for approximately seventy years. Their friendship is renowned and has a whole different fanbase. Yet, there are so many things we don’t know about this conjugation, some being:

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1. Batman and Superman Have Always Been Friends

Batman and Superman are friends from the beginning


Many comics have often starred both the heroes. However, they did not appear within the same story for the longest time. Finally, in 1954, “World’s Finest” comics started introducing a real collaboration between the two where Batman and Superman worked together against the same enemies. 

2. Batman and Superman have each other more times than you could count

Batman and Superman have fought each other countless times.


Although they are portrayed as great friends, the fans have always rooted for their fights, wondering who would win. This conflict has been answered by the comics multiple times in a variety of ways. However, their first significant dispute occurs in “The Dark Knight Returns.”

3. The Dark Knight Returns redefined their dynamic

The Dark Knight Returns redefined their dynamic


While Superman and Batman are both working for the exact cause, they both have a significantly different approach. Superman is a do-gooder who passionately fights crimes, whereas Batman believes in inflicting terror amongst the criminals.

4. Their origins are inter-twined

Their origins are tied together.


It is interesting to know that their fathers had met and talked long before the two heroes had. Jor-El dispatched a space probe to Earth to check if it would make the best home for his unborn son. Stating the obvious, Thomas Wayne discovered this probe. 

5. Their first meeting id pretty violent.

Their first meeting doesn't always go well.


The most usual encounters between the two begin with threats and attacking one another. Also, in ‘Dawn of Justice,’ the two conspired to kill one another in a matter of hours when they met. 

6. Superman is also a mentor to Robin

Superman has also mentored Robin. 


Robin has always felt inspired by Superman. This admiration is evident, as both of these entities follow the same ideologies for saving the world. The trio has worked together on multiple occasions.

7. Superman trusts Batman to kill him

Superman trusts Batman to kill him


Superman realizes that his powers can be dangerous if used for unfair means. He fears getting corrupted or manipulated, which would mean the end of the world. This is why he has given multiple weapons to Batman, as he knows he wouldn’t hesitate in killing Superman if needed.

8. Batman and Superman have both attended each others’ funerals

Batman and Superman have attended each others' funerals


In superhero fiction stories, death is never really long-standing. One way or the other, the heroes always find a way of resurrecting themselves, which made it possible for them both to attend each other’s funerals.

9. It’s a sad day for the world when they stopped talking

When they stopped talking, the universe literally fell apart


In ‘Infinite Crisis,’ the villain successfully deployed a rift between Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. But, unfortunately, their conflicts posed many threats to the planet, and the three of them as well. 

10. Batman and Superman have been on a double date

Batman and Superman went on a double date once


When Bruce started dating Catwoman, he decided to try some average couple’s adventure such as a double date. They chose to go with Superman and his wife, which surprisingly turned out to be a pleasant evening.

11. They carry a deep respect for one another

superman and batman deeply respect one another


Despite all their differences and conflicts, the two heroes are each other’s fans. But, unfortunately, they do not express this to one another. 

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