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10 DC Comics Superhero Bases That Are Wildly Illogical

10 DC Comics Superhero Bases That Are Wildly Illogical min

Secret bases are an integral part of DC comics. Almost every superhero has their base to go back to by the end of the story. But not all of these headquarters make sense. Here are a few examples!

1. GABRIEL’S HORN: This place served as a headquarters for the Teen Titans. It was a disco club, which was in fact a public place, all the while serving as a headquarter for the heroes. 

Gabriel's Horn
Headquarters for Teen Titans

2. KNOCK OUT VIDEO: This building was a video outlet store run by Loren Jupiter, who has also funded the Titans.

A video outlet which is a headquarter

3. TOWER OF FATE: Fate was the only one who knew how to get inside this tower or find his way inside it. Unfortunately, this made it difficult for the rest of his team members to get into/out of this building.

base name tower of fate
Enter if you can

4. DOGHOUSE OF SOLITUDE: This place belonged to Krypto and was made by fusing meteors while he was in outer space. While it’s nice to have a place of his own, it did not make sense to have a base that is floating in outer space. The trouble of keeping track of it outweighed its merits.

A kennel for a superhero pet

5. HALL OF JUSTICE: While this was an excellent base, the funny part was that anyone could come to visit it. Unfortunately, this base contained some of the most hazardous tools, which general people or the enemy could have easily accessed. 

hall of justice base
As opposed to Hall Of Doom

6. FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE: This place was used by Superman when he needed to relax. He used a giant key to access it and is located somewhere in the arctic.

A resting zone

7. THE BATCAVE: As the name suggests, this place is the lair of Batman. Location-wise, it did not make a good base, as it was right under the house of Bruce Wayne. Since Batman has a secret identity, it isn’t very reasonable to have a base so close to his mansion. In the past, multiple villains have been able to find their way into the base, which led them to Bruce.

the Batcave
A passage to Bruce

8. TITANS TOWER: For a secret base, this building was too out in the open. Moreover, it is a construct of glass and steel, which was easy to demolish. Nevertheless, it’s clear that it did end up happening.

Titans Tower base
The best style but the worst publicity


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