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‘Superman is a refugee who chose to be a journalist’: After Bringing in Trans Hero ‘Dreamer’ to DCU, DC Writer Tom Taylor Defends Superman Not Being Politically Neutral

'Superman is a refugee who chose to be a journalist': After Bringing in Trans Hero 'Dreamer' to DCU, DC Writer Tom Taylor Defends Superman Not Being Politically Neutral

Do you think Superman would be a fearless liberal and openly bash the ones opposing his ideals? Or would he maintain a discreet but diplomatic stance on politics instead?

It looks like even fictional characters can’t outrun real-life politics as a fresh debate amongst comic book fans stews up about whether or not Superman should be apolitical. And while the discussion seems to have divided fans into two extremes, as it often happens in such cases, a DC writer himself has peppered in with his opinion and has put forth a gripping argument with regard to the same.

Superman as portrayed in DC comics

A Twitter user recently posted about Superman, claiming that if people believed the superhero to be a diplomat with a politically neutral point of view toward things, then they’d “grossly misunderstood” him in the first place. And Tom Taylor, someone who’s brought Superman to life on the pages of DCU, seems to be in assent.

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Why Tom Taylor Thinks Superman Isn’t Meant to be Politically Neutral

A New York Times bestselling author and a comic book author, Tom Taylor is popular for his significant contribution to numerous comic book series, including DC’s Injustice, Nightwing, Superman, and Suicide Squad, and has even worked on various Marvel comic book series like X-Men Red and Superior Iron Man, to name a few.

Superman vs. Lex Luthor
Superman going against Lex Luthor in the comics

Weighing in his perspective on the prospect of Superman being politically neutral, the Australian playwright took a firm stance against the notion, claiming that he is “a refugee who chose to be a journalist” to advocate “truth and justice.” The character’s very first appearance involved barging through the house of a governor all to rescue a prisoner and stop his execution, and that probably relays the message about his political beliefs.

Taylor further pointed out how his arch-rival, Lex Luthor, is a conniving billionaire whose sole mission in life is to dominate the planet, something which seemingly corroborates the fact that Superman is vividly intolerant of inequality and injustice.

This isn’t the first time that the 44-year-old screenwriter has expressed his political standpoint in relation to fictional characters. Just last year, he collaborated with Nicole Maines, DCU’s very first trans actor who portrayed Dreamer in Supergirl, on Superman: Son of Kal-El #13 issue as they announced Dreamer’s appearance in the DCU comics.


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Back in 2021, Taylor also introduced Josh Kent’s Superman as bisexual in Superman: Son of Kal-El #5, claiming how he was honored to infuse queer storylines and characters in the series instead of sticking to the format of “another straight white savior” as the emblem of hope.

So his perspective on Superman’s political attitude makes sense given how he’s an adamant liberal himself.

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Fans Are Split Between Backing Tom Taylor’s Stance And Opposing It

For the most part, fans seem to side with Taylor on the fact that Superman’s personality isn’t the type that would allow him to be politically neutral, something which is perhaps conspicuous by his righteous actions.

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However, there are also those who seem to believe otherwise as they claim Superman to be an apolitical character through and through.

But one thing’s certain, Superman is one of the good guys, with or without politics. And that speaks volumes.

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