Superman: Tyler Hoechlin Vs. Tom Welling – Which TV Superman Was Better?

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People make so many comparisons between Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill as to who’s the best movie Superman actor. But the small screen world too has many Superman actors who did a very commendable job. These 21st century renditions of Superman are as good as they get. But who did it better? Is it Tyler Hoechlin of Superman & Lois? Or is it Tom Welling from Smallville?


Let’s find out

Tyler Hoechlin

Superman – Arrowverse

Tyler Hoechlin was the star from teen Wolf. Who would have thought a werewolf would make for such a good Man of Steel? He debuted as Superman in the Supergirl TV series. Fans loved him so much that he starred in Arrowverse crossovers and then in his own show – Superman and Lois. And here’s why fans love him.


Embodies The Personality

Tyler Hoechlin As Superman

Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman represents a pitch perfect Bib Blue Boy Scout personality. He is joyful but if push comes to shove, he can show his serious side as well. he is all about family and protecting his loved ones at all costs, both physically and emotionally. For all his powers, Superman is a flawed individual. And no one makes it more relatable than Tyler Hoechlin.

Comic Book Accurate Rebirth Suit

Comic Book Accurate Suit

Most would agree that Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman has a pretty comic book accurate Superman costume that resonates well with the Rebirth era. The Rebirth Superman came into being after the Post-Crisis Superman merged with the Superman of the New 52 era. Hoechlin even pays tribute to the 1940’s Fleischer era suit when he wears it as his first stint as the Man of Steel in Metropolis.

Superman Is A Family Man

Family Man

The new age Superman is no longer a lone wolf like he used to be. He is a family man. he has kids to look after and a wife to come home to. Tyler Hoechlin managed to bring an aspect of Superman many Superman movies have romanced with but have rarely brought on-screen. The new Superman is more human than most because he is more than just a superhero – he is also a father and a husband.


Experience As Man Of Steel

More Experienced Superman

The CW Arrowverse has already established that Superman was a seasoned superhero long before his official debut in Supergirl. he had already fought and defeated multipole Crisis level threats. He has even battled foes from parallel realities. Hoechlin’s Superman is able and skilled because he has had ample experience as a hero.

Tom Welling

Superman – Smallville

Although Smallville spent a lot of time and energy to make itself into a show not about Superman, Tom Welling was so perfect that he stole the show every episode. Many would agree that Welling’s performance as Clark Kent is something only Christopher Reeve’s portrayal would be able to rival. And here’s why Tom Welling is so revered in DC fan circles.

The Perfect Clark Kent

Tom Welling – Clark Kent

While most Superman shows and movies focus on the Kryptonian, Smallville broke the mold when they focused on Clark Kent. Welling is not seen as a sacred Superman symbol because of his Superman portrayal but because he embodies the what represents the human side of Superman. Tom Welling’s Superman made Clark Kent a very grounded and down to earth character. His portrayal later inspired Henry Cavill’s performance in Man of Steel.


Better Character Development

Better Character Development Arc

It took 218, one hour long episodes which equaled to ten whole seasons for Tom Welling’s Superman to finally accept his destiny. It was only during the final moments of the season 10 finale that we saw Welling finally brandish the Superman crest and costume under his shirt. Up until that moment, the show helped Welling’s Superman learn, make mistakes, and grow. We know next to nothing about Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman’s early years. But we know so much about Welling’s.


Humility Is The Name Of The Game

Well we might be breaking into the fourth world here. But we can all agree that the actor’s real life antics also have a very huge impact on the character they play. Henry Cavill and Tyler Hoechlin are known to make pretty annoying and irritating comments in the press. Tom Welling sticks to his corner and never ever jumps the gun. His humble nature is what represents Superman’s personality better. Maybe that’s why people like him.

His Relationship With Lois

Lois Lane – Smallville

Smallville spent a lot of time helping the Superman-Lois Lane relationship blossom. Lois Lane is an irreplaceable element in Superman’s life. In more ways than one, she helped Clark achieve her true potential as Superman. Smallville showed the ups and downs in that relationship – there was jealousy, friendship, hatred, and an eventual love story. Superman & Lois cannot compete with that level of a fleshed out, layered relationship Tom Welling’s Superman gave us.


Winner – Tom Welling’s Superman

Tom Welling’s Superman>>Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman

Although Tyler Hoechlin does give us a fresher, more unique take on Superman, in the end Tom Welling’s Superman is just too hard to beat. There are so many good things about his portrayal that we cannot even begin to list them all in a single article. Tom Welling was, is, and will remain the greatest TV Superman actor of all time.


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