The Flash Armageddon: Who Is Despero – The Newest Arrowverse Mega-Crossover Villain


Season 8 of The Flash will be host to the Arrowverse’s newest crossover event – The Flash Armageddon. The storyline for the crossover will be based on an established DC Comics story arc. And the super villain who will be the big bad wolf this time is Despero. The Flash Armageddon will be the alien tyrant’s first ever live-action debut. But the guy has had a very sordid past in DC Comics you must know before you watch the crossover event.

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Despero will try to conquer Earth in the Flash Armageddon event. And it will be up to the superheroes of Earth to try and stop him before he succeeds. The telepathic alien has had a string of victories and defeats in the comic books. Will Despero continue his winning streak in the Arrowverse or will he be stopped in his tracks?

The Flash Armageddon Will Show Despero’s Greatest Ability – Telepathy



Despero hails from the distant alien world of Kalanor. He rules that planet with an iron fist. He has a well-built physique and has the strength to take on even Wonder Woman and Superman at times. But those are not his primary abilities. Despero’s greatest asset is his psychic powers. telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, illusion casting – are just the tip of the iceberg for Despero. His powers rival that of Martian Manhunter, considered to be the DC Universe’s greatest telepath. His powers stem from the third eye on his forehead.

Strength, Speed & Durability To Rival Superman’s

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Despero was once a timid being, fully reliant on his mental powers. He then came into contact with the Flame of Py’Tar, the source of origin for his species. The flame granted Despero his superhuman physique and frame. His speed, durability, endurance, agility, and strength were enhanced to Godlike levels. The guy can now stand against Superman with relative ease. It’s his well-built purple frame that has become his signature look in the comic books. The Flash Armageddon will probably be portraying him in his now trademark physique.

The Flash Armageddon Will Probably Reveal Despero’s Other Hidden Abilities

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Do not be fooled by his bulky musculature or his third eye. Despero has a range of other abilities besides his psychic and superhuman physical attributes. He can control his body at a molecular level, increasing its size and heal himself at a faster rate. At times, Despero can also coat his body with a protective force field that makes him immune to most physical and energy based attacks. he has the power of flight, teleportation, as well as astral projection in the comic books. The Flash Armageddon will probably show all those powers in action.

Despite His Vast Range Of Powers, Despero Isn’t Invincible

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There have been many times the Justice League has managed to defeat the villain even though he boats such a huge array of abilities. Martian Manhunter, Guy Gardner, and even Vibe (yeah, Cisco Ramone was once a Justice League member in the comics) have defeated him very easily. Despero can be taken down easily if the Arrowverse superheroes rely on overwhelming force.


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