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Who Wins the Race Between Superman and Flash? DC Officially Answers It

The debate on who’d win a race between Flash and Superman has been going on ever since the characters have existed. DC’s latest issue has answered who is the fastest superhero in its universe. Though the question has always sparked our excitement, the following article contains SPOILERS for Superman: Up in the Sky #4.

It’s not the first time that the two prime heroes have been bid against each other. But this issue features a new version of the race. So, find out who is the fastest superhero alive, according to DC.

Barry Allen and the Man of Steel have had many friendly races for charity. The pair first went up against each other in 1967 in Superman #199 for a cause and the tradition has continued ever since.

However, in the most recent races, the Flash has proved his speciality by overpassing the Man of Steel. In fact, the Flash has also run circles around Supes when high on his powers. The characters have enjoyed competing against each other even in the DC Animated Universe version of the Flash and the post-credits of Justice League. 

In the latest feature, the superheroes test their powers again for charity. It consisted of a whopping 10 laps around the world. As the race begins, the story adds another twist when Lex Luthor shows up at the event. Lex anticipates Superman’s defeat watching Flash lead the race. Confident that Superman would lose the game, Lex informs the foundation that he’ll donate a billion dollars if Supes wins. It was simply a sinister attempt to turn the public against the hero for making them lose the generous charity. 

What Lex’ analysis didn’t consider was the Kryptonian’s super-hearing ability. It enables him to hear Lex’s bet with the charity and fuels him to win the race at any cost. The Man of Steel chooses not to cheat by telling Flash about the scheme and gives his every ounce of stamina to outrace the famous Speedster. Though challenging, Superman manages to cross the finish line seconds before Flash. 

The Flash is granted an unfathomable amount of speed to become the Speedster of DC. But Superman’s strong will to go beyond the end of the line when it benefits the greater good enables him with a power bigger than speed. 

The Kryptonian’s victory compels Lex to stay by his word and spend billions of dollars on a new home for the charity.

Comic Book: Superman: Up in the Sky #4

Author: Tom King, Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope and Brad Anderson

The DC Comic Book is available for sale now.