“Superman would be a…”: The NFL Team Superman Would Support According to Henry Cavill

The actor played Superman for nine years, debuting in the Zack Snyder film 'Man of Steel'.

"Superman would be a...": The NFL Team Superman Would Support According to Henry Cavill


  • Henry Cavill is known for his brief and controversial tenure as Superman in the DCU.
  • The actor departed from the role in 2022 after being replaced in James Gunn’s new and improved reboot.
  • Cavill has always been vocal about his love for the character and even based his favorite NFL team on the character’s native town.
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Henry Cavill played the character of Superman for nine years, beginning with Man of Steel. The actor’s tenure as the superhero was marred with controversy and mismanagement from the studio. Still, the actor has since developed a cult following with many criticizing James Gunn’s decision to go with a younger Superman in his upcoming film.


Cavill proved to his fans how much love he held for the character by using Superman’s home base as the reason for choosing his favorite NFL team. The British actor mentioned that he grew to like football when he was living in the United States and then chose to support the Kansas City Chiefs.

Henry Cavill Speculated About Superman’s Favorite NFL Team

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

Henry Cavill’s Superman was marred with issues time and again as his depiction in Zack Snyder’s DC films proved to be divisive. The actor played the role in Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Justice League before being sidelined due to mismanagement issues from the studio. 


Cavill announced that he would officially return to the role when he made a cameo in Black Adam, but plans immediately changed when James Gunn took over as DC Studio’s chief. The actor was then replaced by David Corenswet in Gunn’s directorial Superman: Legacy. After the fiasco, Henry Cavill officially announced on Instagram that he had departed from the role.

A still from Man of Steel
A still from Man of Steel

Despite all the controversy, Henry Cavill has always been vocal about his love for the character and has expressed his honor in getting to play the role. He mentioned on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! talk show that he had decided to pick his favorite NFL team after thinking about what Superman would have picked. He said,

“I realized I had to choose a team. And the only way I would choose a team was with something that was never going to change…I figured the one thing that wouldn’t change ever in my life is the Superman aspect of it. And, I figured Superman’s from Kansas, the Chiefs…people in Kansas support the Chiefs…Superman would definitely be a Chiefs fan.”

The British actor reportedly became a fan of the sport after he spent a lot of time watching the game while he was living in the USA.


Henry Cavill Appreciated The Celebratory Nature Of American Football

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman in Black Adam

Henry Cavill has never hidden his excitement for the things he loves. Be it The Witcher games or his favorite game Warhammer 40,000, Cavill has geeked out multiple times over his love for the media. Cavill also mentioned that he was a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL and said that the Chiefs Nation was a lovely fandom.

When asked if he had ever attended a game of American Football, Henry Cavill revealed that he had attended a Chief’s game in Arrowhead and that he loved it. He said,

“It was an amazing experience…I went down…on the sidelines and [loved] the flamethrowers and the big jets of flames going into the sky. In England, the teams just walk out and sing a song, whether it’s the Nationals or Internationals Rugby. And then we kick the cr*p out of each other.”

The Argylle star also went on to poke fun at the England Rugby team and the sport by calling out the players’ terrible singing of the National Anthem.


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