Superman’s Kingdom Come Arc In James Gunn’s DCU Has Zack Snyder’s Justice League Look Like Child’s Play — Theory

The new Superman of the DCU might shape up to be a darker version of the superhero that might even impress Zack Snyder.

Superman’s Kingdom Come Arc In James Gunn’s DCU Has Zack Snyder’s Justice League Look Like Child’s Play — Theory


  • James Gunn has been constantly updating the fandom on the progress of the DCU and the upcoming Superman: Legacy.
  • With the table read session of the project revealing the logo for the superhero in the future, fans claim the narrative to be the Kingdom Come arc.
  • If this plot from DC Comics is to be adapted, a new theory reveals a dark and rustic future for the DCU is inevitable.
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With such a beloved and iconic character as Superman being reiterated for another vision, it becomes imperative for James Gunn to bring something new and impactful to the table as the DCU starts taking shape. So far, there have been several compelling rumors and speculations that have presented an expectation barrier for the fans to theorize on by constant updates by the co-CEO of DC Studios.

James Gunn along with the cast of the upcoming Superman: Legacy
James Gunn along with the cast of the upcoming Superman: Legacy (via @jamesgunn)

But by far one of the biggest updates to the project came in the form of the logo for the upcoming Superman: Legacy, which will be donned by David Corenswet in the film and the DCU in the future. Thus, new theories have started to formulate, and one of them paints a picture of a darker, more gritty narrative if the Kingdom Come arc storyline is followed as was revealed by the logo.

James Gunn Might Make DCU’s New Superman Even Darker Than Zack Snyder With The Kingdom Come Arc

Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill on the sets of Man of Steel
Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill on the sets of Man of Steel

As the advent of the DCU inches closer and closer, with the franchise truly taking off the next year with the upcoming Superman: Legacy, there’s a lot on James Gunn‘s plate being the co-CEO of DC Studios, and most of it has to do with the portrayal of the Symbol of Hope in the franchise. Thus, there has been a flood of updates that are constantly being churned out by both official and unofficial channels to get the fans riled up.


In the recent table read session for the aforementioned project, the logo that the titular superhero will be using was revealed, and fans have associated that with the infamous Kingdom Come version of Superman from DC Comics. This has naturally spawned a variety of new speculations and theories that have started to heat up fan circles, and the one by @MrRadastic has some heft to it.

If the narrative route that the individual lays out for the viewers is to be the one that’s ultimately taken by the franchise, then we can surely have a truly dark and gripping future for the DCU in store. It needs to be kept in mind that The Authority is well on its way to becoming part of the franchise in the future, which sets up the Kingdom Come arc filled with anti-heroes perfectly.


If this pans out like how most fans expect, then the Brightburn producer might truly make something epic as he will showcase the humble and noble beginnings of the superhero, but as the franchise progresses, will darken the narrative and get the fans invested. This will further enhance the appeal of following every single detail that every film and series has to offer in the DCU.

This might prove to be the dark and rustic nature of the franchise that filmmaker Zack Snyder had envisioned with the old DCEU before it was scrapped for good.

What To Expect From Superman: Legacy?

Kingdom Come from DC Comics
Kingdom Come from DC Comics

Despite all these theories that the fans want desperately to be true, there have been only a few official confirmations from Gunn, which unfortunately paints only an outline for the upcoming film.


Almost the entire cast of the project has been revealed to the public with some up-and-coming stars as well as some veterans being named in the industry. Apart from that, there has been a confirmation that the production of the film will start by the second quarter of this year, along with future projects following their schedule soon after.

Superman: Legacy, in cinemas on 11th July 2025.


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