“He is actually the best Flash we have had”: Fans Beg James Gunn to Bring Grant Gustin to DCU After Ezra Miller’s $271 Million Box Office Disaster

The DC Fandom Wants Grant Gustin Instead of Ezra Miller

"He is actually the best Flash we have had": Fans Beg James Gunn to Bring Grant Gustin to DCU After Ezra Miller's $271 Million Box Office Disaster


  • Ezra Miller's portrayal of Barry Allen/The Flash was met with immense criticism from the fans.
  • DC fans want Grant Gustin to replace Ezra Miller in James Gunn's DCU, as they begged the co-CEO on X.
  • Industry insider speculates the reason for The Flash being a box office flop.
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Ezra Miller has been a topic of criticism for a long time, but this time, fans are united as his portrayal of the Flash has been despised by the fans and critics alike. Even in his standalone film in 2023, fans were left dissatisfied with his portrayal of the character as Barry Allen is showcased as a charming and witty character. However, Miller lacks that depth, and following his controversies, DC fans would often nitpick intricate details that would undermine his portrayal.

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

The DC fans have had enough and begged James Gunn to replace Ezra Miller with Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in his rebooted DCU. The actor has built a dedicated fan base with his portrayal of The Flash in the TV Series of the same name as they could not watch Miller ruining the popularity of the character.

DC Fans Begged James Gunn To Hire Grant Gustin as The New Flash

Grant Gustin is arguably the most popular actor ever to helm the role of Barry Allen/ The Flash in The CW Series as part of the Arrowverse. The dedicated portrayal of the character whilst focusing on different aspects like his personality traits, flaws, his wit, and moral dilemmas makes him synonymous with the role.

Ezra Miller as The Flash
Ezra Miller as The Flash

However, in the DCU, Ezra Miller was chosen to portray Barry Allen and fans were not delighted with the news as they would often feel that his portrayal of The Flash is shallow, and could not match their expectations. However, his 2023 film, The Flash, was the last straw, as the film failed to meet his hype and grossed only $271.3 million at the worldwide box office. 

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in CW's The Flash
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in CW’s The Flash

However, a fan (@arrowverse.canaries) asked Gustin if he would like to be the new Flash in James Gunn’s DCU, and the actor replied, “Yeah, if James Gunn asked me to play The Flash, I would do it. Yeah, I trust James Gunn.” The reply excited the fans and went on to X, begging the co-CEO of DC Studios to hire the Glee actor as the Speedster in his DCU.



While many fans wanted to see Grant Gustin as the new Barry Allen in James Gunn’s DCU, an industry insider shared the real reason for the film being a major disappointment at the box office.

Industry Insider Shares The Reason For The Flash’s Failure at the Box Office

Andrés Muschietti’s The Flash had gained immense hype prior to the film’s release, but upon release, it failed to meet those expectations as it was bombed with negative reviews from the fans as well as the critics. The major talking points of criticism in the film included poor CGI and VFX, unneeded cameos, followed by questionable planning by DC films.


However, Daniel Richtman, a reliable industry insider, voiced his opinion on X, stating that early screenings of the film were the major reason that tanked the film’s success. They tweeted,

“Here’s why I believe The Flash tanked and what WB did wrong and should never repeat; The early free screenings. This should have been screened once or twice and that’s it. A lot of people who would have paid got to go see it for free”

A still from Andrés Muschietti's The Flash
A still from Andrés Muschietti’s The Flash

He added,

“Many of these fans also recorded and leaked a lot of it on TikTok, Youtube, and other social media weeks before release. The bad CGI shown in the leaks did not help. Turned people off from seeing it. Then you get to the so-so reviews and word of mouth. That’s pretty much it”

The early screenings were a major cause of the film’s failure as the leaked clips on social media, averted fans from watching the film, as they got it for free, which majorly hurt the revenue of the film.


Grant Gustin’s The Flash can be streamed on Netflix.


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