Forget David Corenswet’s Superman Physique, Mister Terrific Edi Gathegi’s Body Transformation For Superman: Legacy Will Blow Your Mind

Edi Gathegi's transformation is indeed terrific.

Forget David Corenswet's Superman Physique, Mister Terrific Edi Gathegi's Body Transformation For Superman: Legacy Will Blow Your Mind


  • While fans were taken by surprise by David Corenswet's Superman transformation, Edi Gathegi's look for his DCU counterpart is also quite terrific.
  • Known for having a slender build, Gathegi has taken a complete 180 for his upcoming role.
  • Even though things have been hard for WBD last year, David Zaslav is optimistic about James Gunn's 'Superman: Legacy'.
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With the production of Superman: Legacy set to commence soon, actors involved with the project have started to hit the gym hard, with David Corenswet’s physique leaving fans thrilled. But while Corenswet is on his way to becoming the most ripped Superman we’ve witnessed on the big screen, it’s his costar Edi Gathegi, whose transformation has taken fans by surprise.


Set to play Mister Terrific in the new DCU, Gathegi’s character is going to be one of the many established superheroes, who will make their existence known in Superman: Legacy. And the recent image shared by his trainer following his ongoing transformation has fans excited.

Edi Gathegi | Credit: For All Mankind
Edi Gathegi | Credit: For All Mankind

Edi Gathegi’s Transformation as Mister Terrific Has Left Fans Intrigued for His DCU Debut

Being trained by famous Hollywood trainer Paolo Mascitti, who is also behind David Corenswet‘s physique for Superman: Legacy, Edi Gathegi has pulled in huge muscles for his upcoming role. While actors getting jacked for CBMs is pretty unanimous, as most expect them to get as close to their comic book counterparts as possible, Gathegi’s transformation is more notable for one reason. Considering the Aporia star is known for maintaining a slender build, seeing him this jacked has reasonably had fans intrigued for his eventual DCU debut, which will hit the big screens next year.



And following the huge builds actors are going for in the new DCU, we could expect to see characters in the James Gunn-led DC universe be more in line with the DC heroes from the DCAU.

Mister Terrific 3
Mister Terrific | DC Comics

David Zaslav is optimistic about Superman: Legacy

With the production on Superman: Legacy set to kickstart next week, Studio head David Zaslav stressed that he is optimistic about it. Even though things have been tough for WBD last year, despite Barbie‘s monumental success, following the line-up they had for the next two years, David Zaslav is optimistic that things will turn around soon. He told Variety:

“Bottom line, the studio has really been underperforming — including at the end of the year where we had some real struggle — but we’re very optimistic about this year, and it has given us the chance to have a lot of upside in the next two years.”

Superman: Legacy Cast | Instagram
Superman: Legacy Cast | Instagram- DC

Apart from Edi Gathegi’s Mister Terrific, other notable superheroes that are set to appear in Legacy, involve Nathan Fillion’s Guy Gardner, Isabela Merced’s Hawkgirl, and Anthony Carrigan’s Metamorpho. While fans had their doubts following the huge cast assembled for Superman: Legacy, which is reasonable following the past failure of BVS, Gunn assured fans it will play into establishing the new world.

Superman: Legacy will hit theatres on 11 July 2025.


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