Supernatural: 13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In The Series

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Supernatural is a top-rated series. It is entertaining and packed with action. However, it has its fair share of emotional scenes and episodes full of heartbreak. Let us look at Supernatural: 13 most heartbreaking moments in the series.


1. Castiel prays to God in “The Man Who Would Be King” (Season 6, Episode 20), hoping he’ll give him a sign that he’s on the right path. All of Castiel’s hope is on the line as he looks up into the sky but receives no response. Castiel is forced to join forces with the King of Hell.

2. Sam and Dean return to their childhood home in “Home” (Season 1, Episode 9). Dean calls John, overwhelmed by the memories of the night their mother passed away. Dean admits his fears and asks to be saved by his father in a rare moment.


3. In the final season, Sam jumps in the cage of Lucifer to save Dean and the world. However, as the portal closes, Dean is left alone to mourn as his brother is trapped in hell.

4. The passing of Rowena in Season 15, “The Rupture,” stirs Dean’s anger over Castiel because he blames him for Mary and Rowena’s death. Castiel realizes he has no effect whatsoever on Dean and that the confidence between them is broken. Castiel decides to walk away from the Winchesters rather than be hurt by Dean anymore.

5. Jack finally recovers his soul in Stage 15, episode 13, “Destiny is Child.” Having returned to his gentle and sweet self, Mary’s memory comes back and gives him extreme grief.


6. Sam develops affections for Madison during the Season 2 episode “Heart,” while he and Dean strive to defend her from a werewolf. Madison, unfortunately, turns out to be the werewolf, and she begs Sam to put an end to her life. Sam, who is distraught, agrees and puts her down.

7. In the Premiere of the second season, John realizes that Dean will die of wounds caused by a car crash and decides to trade his life for Dean by entering into a deal with Azazel.

8. Dean realizes in Season 6, Episode 21, “Let It Bleed,” that Lisa is possessed by a demon. After Castiel comes to heal Lisa, Dean asks him to remove him from her memory so that she and Ben are not at risk. Although Dean is overwhelmed by grief, he says goodbye, and never goes back to their life.


9. Dean decides to permanently encase himself in the Ma’lak box, preventing Michael from possessing him again. Sam feels and angry when Dean does not react to his passionate plea asking him not to do so.

10. Dean can’t hold back his grief over John’s death in Season 2, Episode 2, “Everybody Loves a Clown.” So he takes a tire iron and smashes Baby the Impala. It’s essentially a means of showing how Dean abuses himself to cope with the pain he feels.

11. In “Who We Are” season 12, Dean enters Mary’s mind to take her away from the brainwash that the Men of Letters have put through. Dean unloads all his resentment for Mary when he finds her in a 1983 hallucination with baby Sam and cannot get through with her.


12. Dean discovers that the angel he allowed to possess Sam was Gadreel in Season 9’s “Holy Terror.” When Gadreel comes across Kevin, he burns out his eyes. As the realization of Kevin’s death dawns on him, Dean is absolutely shocked to do nothing but utter Kevin’s name.

13. In “Heaven and Hell,” season 4, Dean finally admits to Sam why he’s full of memories of his Hell time. Dean was tortured not only for 30 years every day but also for 10 more years, while he was torturing others. He hated that he enjoyed inflicting pain back then.

These are the 13 most heartbreaking moments in the series, Supernatural. Which moment broke your heart the most?


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