Superpowers You Never Knew Batman Has


Although Batman is not the most powerful hero in the DC Universe, he is undoubtedly the most deadly. What he lacks in abilities, he compensates for in other ways. He possesses a massive fortune, access to cutting-edge technology, a variety of martial arts talents, and some superpowers too. This hasn’t stopped him from putting his mind, body, and soul on the line to protect Gotham, and by extension the globe, from evil. For the cause of justice, Batman goes to extreme measures. During his battles, he has gained both superhuman and supernatural skills. In most situations, he willingly grants himself additional powers in order to complete his purpose. Let’s check these superpowers out!

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1. Ability to Echolocate

Superpowers of Batman


The Amazo Virus narrative is well-known for setting in motion the events that allowed Batman to finally live up to his name. During the emergence of the Amazo Virus, ordinary individuals began to obtain superpowers. Isn’t it fantastic? Wrong. The Amazo Virus has a dreadful side effect of sending people into a fit of berserker-like anger, which is eventually followed by a long and excruciating death.

Batman becomes infected with the virus during the pandemic. Fortunately, the league discovered a cure in time, but not before he gained his own set of abilities. The infection causes him to go blind, but in exchange, he gains echolocation abilities.


2. His Supreme Variant

Batman's unknown superpowers

The Batman Who Laughs was one of the Dark Multiverse’s most powerful forms of Bruce Wayne. The character was vicious and harsh at first, but he gradually gained strength. The Batman Who Laughs proved that Wayne may theoretically achieve total omnipotence.


The Batman Who Laughs transforms himself into the Darkest Knight, a creature of absolute strength, thanks to Doctor Manhattan’s talents, which he takes from another Batman. Few could stand up to the force of this god-like entity, who was formed entirely of darkness.

3. His Vast Knowledge



As the world’s finest investigator, Batman’s intelligence plays a significant role in justifying his high danger level. Imagine if Batman discovered a means to extend his knowledge far beyond human comprehension. This is exactly what occurs during the Darkseid War plot. Batman takes control of Metron’s Mobius Chair to discover how to tackle the threat presented by the Anti-Monitor. By sitting on the chair, Batman transforms into the God of Knowledge.

The Mobius chair, as the name indicates, provides Batman with total knowledge of the universe. Except knowing the identity of the Anti-Monitor, Batman can anticipate every result and provide an answer to any query, including The Joker’s true identity.


4. His Hellbat Armor

Batman's Magnificent Superpowers

Batman’s suit has seen several alterations, revamps, and enhancements over the years. He even depended on mixing his outfit with armor that possessed magical qualities at times. The Suit of Sorrows and the Hellbat Armor are two noteworthy examples. Batman employed the supernatural capabilities of the Suit of Sorrows, a gift from Talia, to augment his physical abilities in order to combat Ra’s and his army of assassins.


The Hellbat Armor, on the other hand, is very probably the most powerful outfit in his possession. Batman created the outfit and had each member of the league contribute to its creation. While the Hellbat armor is largely technical, Wonder Woman’s role in its development makes it extremely likely that it includes some elements of magic.

5. God Like Ability

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Batman, as a God, is the greatest deterrent to crime. In his countless incarnations as a God, Batman has gained omnipotence, immortality, the ability to traverse through space and time, and overwhelming strength. Unfortunately, being a deity may have a significant impact on a person’s mental condition, and Batman is no exception.

In Batman: Merciless Vol. 1, Batman takes Ares’ helmet and puts it on to become the new God of War. This version of Batman not only eliminates Ares for his involvement in Wonder Woman’s death, but he also goes on a rampage across the dark multiverse before joining the Dark Nights.


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