Sylvester Stallone’s Expendables 4 Co-Star Looked Directly at Fan Before Smacking Her With the Mic Like Cardi B, Faces Potential 1 Year Behind Bars

Sylvester Stallone's Expendables 4 Co-Star Looked Directly at Fan Before Smacking Her With the Mic Like Cardi B, Faces Potential 1 Year Behind Bars

Rapper 50 Cent is facing backlash and potential criminal charges after aggressively hitting a female fan with a microphone during a recent performance. Video shows him glaring at the woman before striking her in the head with the mic, leaving her injured. The volatile incident now has police investigating the rapper for assault.


The controversial moment occurred during 50 Cent’s concert at Baltimore Soundstage last weekend, shocking fans and prompting an outpouring of criticism against the rapper. Many are appalled that 50 Cent would violently lash out and intentionally strike a supporter, especially a woman, with a heavy microphone.

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Fan Grabbed 50 Cent, Prompting His Aggression

The shocking moment occurred during 50 Cent‘s concert at Baltimore Soundstage last weekend. As he performed on stage, a female fan reached out and touched his arm. The rapper immediately recoiled, his face filling with anger.


He then directly stared at the woman in the front row before grabbing his microphone and forcefully hurling it in her direction. The heavy mic struck the young fan directly in the head, causing her to recoil in pain as she clutched her injury, while the stunned crowd gasped at his rash reaction.

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50 Cent Defends His “Disrespectful” Response

After video footage of the ugly incident went viral, 50 Cent was completely unapologetic for lashing out at the fan. “She touched me, I threw the mic at her stupid a–,” he wrote callously on Instagram. He later doubled down on his defense, stating “These fools need to keep their hands to themselves.”


Many blasted the rapper for responding to a minor touch with such violent, excessive force.
Throwing a microphone directly at someone’s unprotected head could easily cause a serious injury. The woman was left with a large knot on her head and said she felt “disrespected” by the rapper’s aggressive outburst.

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Police Investigate 50 Cent For Misdemeanor Assault

50 Cent’s impulsive act of violence may now land him behind bars. The Baltimore Police Department has launched an investigation into the incident and is considering misdemeanor assault charges.

50 Cent throws mic
50 Cent throws the mic

“We are aware of the incident that occurred at the SoundstageSunday night involving 50 Cent,” police stated. “An adult female reported to police that she sustained an injury during the incident. There is an ongoing investigation into the matter.”

If charged and convicted, the rapper faces up to 1 year in jail and a $5,000 fine. The volatile star is no stranger to controversy, but many feel this latest incident crossed a line into unjustified violence against a fan.

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While 50 Cent has built his no-nonsense image on confrontational bravado, many believe he went too far by aggressively injuring a supporter who merely touched his arm. As he faces potential legal consequences for losing his temper, the rapper is once again learning there are limits to how much hands-on hostility fans will accept, even at a hype concert. This serves as a warning to artists about the risks of impulsively lashing out against overeager fans trying to interact.

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