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T1 Win FOURTH League of Legends eSports Title

The League Of Legends 2023 tournament is over, and the winners are the South Korean team T1 with an astounding win!

T1 Win FOURTH League of Legends eSports Title


  • The League Of Legends 2023 tournament is over, and the South Korean team T1 claims victory.
  • The South Korean team T1 also claimed victory at the South Asian League Of Legends tournament.
  • South Korean team T1 claims an astounding 3-round win against China's team Weibo.

League Of Legends is one of the biggest games in the world, with one of the biggest eSports presences, and has been expanding over the years as more players are joining the game community and gaining the experience to join the high-level teams that take place in these tournaments.

On Sunday, the South Korean team T1 won their FOURTH League Of Legends tournament against the China team Weibo. This is the first time that the T1 team has won the League Of Legends tournament in the past seven years, and it was well deserved after its performance on Sunday.

Who Is a Part of the South Korean Team T1, and How Did They Win the League Of Legends Tournament?

League Of Legends 2023 tournament winners South Korean team T1
The League Of Legends 2023 tournament is over, and the winners are the South Korean team T1.

Over the years, there have been many members within the South Korean team T1, but currently, the team that took place in this tournament has five members, each with their own roles within the game.

The five members who are currently a part of the South Korean T1 team are Choi Woo-Je, Moon Hyeon-Joon, Lee Sang-Hyeok, Lee Min-Hyeong, and Ryu Min-Seok. Each of these members has their own role that they focus on within the game, which is separated into roles like top, jungle, mid, bot, and support.

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Within the game of League Of Legends, it takes a full team of these roles to ensure that victory is within reach, as their goal is to defend a large structure that is being kept within the enemy’s base called the “Nexus“.

Led by their star player Lee Sang-Hyeok, also known as Faker, the South Korean team T1 was led to an astounding win as they won three games out of a best of five, leaving no room for error as they managed to win each round back to back.

Is This the Only Tournament the South Korean Team T1 Has Won?

League Of Legends 2023 tournament winners South Korean team T1
South Korean team T1 takes home the victory after an astonishing 3-round win.

As stated above, this is the first main League Of Legends competition that the South Korean team T1 has won in over 7 years, but this isn’t the first time they have won this competition, as they have won this tournament three times before, once in 2013, 2015, and 2016.


Even though this team has won this competition in the past, it wasn’t the same members who won in these tournaments, as sadly, team members have left to move on to other projects. However, this new team that won this tournament is clearly one of the most efficient teams they have created so far.

Even though it has been seven years since the South Korean team T1 achieved victory in the main League Of Legends tournaments, it isn’t the only tournament they have had some success in, as they also competed last month in another championship, which they won as well.

This other tournament took place in Hangzhou and was the South Asian tournament, in which they achieved victory and earned themselves the inaugural title. This victory wasn’t as hard fought for as the more recent victory against China’s Weibo, as they only won 2-0, which is still a fantastic result but sadly isn’t as amazing as 3-0.

Currently, South Korea’s team T1 is a powerhouse that the other teams are struggling to beat, but it is setting a high standard that those other teams are aiming to beat, as T1’s star player Faker has now received their fourth victory and is most likely looking forward to their fifth.

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