‘Taika Waititi, are you scared?’: God of War Ragnarök Fans Troll Thor: Love and Thunder, Claim Taika Waititi Has Butchered the Old Gods With Fake Lore

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Thor: Love and Thunder showed us a more humoristic approach towards the god of thunder and although Gorr was said to be the God Butcher, it seemed that Taika Waititi took that title for himself. The movie created a fit amongst the fans for its representation of the character and the lore surrounding him; both in Norse Mythology and in Marvel.

God Of War the game

God of War Ragnarök on the other hand poses to always be on par with the lore and does not hesitate to show its characters in their true glory. A lore filled with Gods and creatures of mystical importance needs to be intricately crafted and the game took care of exactly that.

Fans Thrash Thor: Love and Thunder After The God Of War Ragnarök Trailer

PlayStation recently released the official trailer for their upcoming game God of War Ragnarök and their consistency with the mythology has made the fans fall in love with it even more. Set to release on 9th November 2022, the game is in line to encounter the enemies of Norse Mythology, fighting monsters and creatures that were weaved within the pages of lore.

god of war 5 kratos
Kratos in God of War

The sequel to God Of War, the story revolves around Kratos, the God of War, as he continues on his journey to explore the nine realms. Its connection with the actual mythology and the decision to not drift away from it has certainly made the game more enjoyable and informative to play.

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Taika Waititi Constantly Changing The Lore

One of the biggest issues with Thor’s entire storyline has been his butchered lore. From an awful portrayal of Hela to making Fenris the wolf just a pet of Hela rather than Loki’s son. This includes Taika Waititi completely drifting away from the actual story to focus purely on making Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor the eye candy of the entire franchise.

Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) became one of the most poorly received films in the MCU.
Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) starring Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth

Fans say that the movie was made unnecessarily funny to get forced laughs and that the awaited fight seen between the God Butcher and the God of Thunder seemed to be incomplete if at all prevalent. The goats were rather irritating and the portrayal of Zeus was mainly for comedic purposes.

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God Of War Ragnarök Takes A Massive Win With The Mythology

God of War Ragnarök does not at all hesitate to show just how grandiose Thor is, unlike his portrayal in Thor: Love and Thunder where Taika Waititi only focused on making Thor’s body buffer; in the words of Korg; “From dadbod to madbod.”


The movie did okay when it comes to the box office, however, the entire comedic approach completely thrashed the idea of Thor being the God of Thunder rather than the god of bad jokes. What was an attempt to continue the balanced humor in Thor: Ragnarok was mistaken and overdid to an extent where fans completely chose to dislike the movie.

Poseidon in God of War

God of War Ragnarök’s approach towards Thor’s wrath and glory as he wields his hammer remains throughout with what makes gamers all around the world want to explore the game and the lore that offers much more.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now streaming on Disney+ for everyone to enjoy.


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