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‘He Needs To Disappear’: After Ruining Thor, Taika Waititi Under Fire For Transphobic Joke in Love and Thunder

After Ruining Thor Taika Waititi Under Fire For Transphobic Joke in Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder is the fourth Thor movie in MCU. The movie is directed by Taika Waititi, the man behind Thor: Ragnarok. After the previous movie, fans had huge hopes from the director, that he would deliver something quite similar again. He, too, had said in an interview that this movie would be better than Ragnarok. But the reviews say quite the opposite. The Rotten Tomatoes score of the movie is 71% with many saying that the movie is nothing like Ragnarok. The man who was credited for saving the Thor franchise has failed the fans this time.

Thor 4 includes a transphobic joke
Thor 4 includes a transphobic joke

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Taika Waititi includes a transphobic joke in Thor 4

According to recent news, Thor has dead-named a character and then turned it into a joke. In the movie, there is a character known as Axl, deadname Astrid. But our God of Thunder seems to be quite ignorant towards the character and keeps calling him using his birth name, despite being corrected multiple times that it is not tight. He even goes on to tell the character to embrace the deadname.

Taika Waititi includes deadnaming as a joke
Taika Waititi includes deadnaming as a joke

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This coming from the director, who himself said in an interview that he “comes off as very gay” has upset the fans. Though it is not confirmed yet, whether the character is transgender or not but still inclusion of such jokes in a movie at this time only seems to call for backlash. The director who called himself a gay icon, making jokes about the community he says he represents, does not sit well with MCU fans.

Fans are disappointed with the Thor 4 Director

Fans express their disappointment of Twitter
Fans express their disappointment on Twitter

The MCU fans did not stay quiet after finding out about the inclusion of such a segment in the movie. They took Twitter to voice their opinion on the joke and their thoughts on the director for including it into the script in the name of comedy.

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Check out some of the fan tweets below:

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Fans seem quite upset with Taika Waititi and are trolling him for making deadnaming a joke. If the news is true, the director is going to face more backlash than he is facing right now.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to release on July 8 in the US.

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