“No Coincidence Baby”- Fans Want The Rock to Make His MCU Debut After Taika Waititi Confirms Korg’s Boyfriend Theory

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In his latest MCU film, Taika Waititi who plays the Kronan warrior, Korg, speaks of his family, birth, and origin, and is later revealed to have found love himself. Thor: Love and Thunder is surprisingly venerable of family, love, relationships, and reunions. The entire plot drives toward a peaceful recurrence of friendships and resolution via the reappearance of Jane Foster and ending with Thor’s familial bond with Love.

Thor and Korg
Thor and Korg in Thor: Love and Thunder

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Taika Waititi Explores the Kronans in Thor: Love and Thunder

When he’s not busy directing ridiculously comedic or satirical films, Taika Waititi fills our timelines with his chaotic energy and over-the-top humor. His singularly off-handed take on the MCU adaptation of Thor: Love and Thunder managed to anger and send waves through the community and fandom of Marvel comics as well as the cinematic universe. However, that did not stop the director from running with the script and lending his energy and creative genius to the making and execution of the film.

Taika Waititi
Taika Waititi

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One of the several surprising aspects of going where the story takes you is the inclusion of the Kronan backstory into the plot. As reverential as it was, Korg’s nostalgic familial reminiscence gave the audience a dioramic look into the Kronan culture and its practices. The comics show that the Kronans do not have females in their culture and that becomes a part of the narrative when Korg talks about his fathers and how he was born from conjoined hands submerged in molten lava.

Kronans in MCU
Kronans in the MCU: Korg and Marauder

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Who Plays the Love Interest of Korg in MCU?

If Taika Waititi is to be believed, the transitory reference of Dwayne in Thor: Love and Thunder may as well be a reference to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson himself. And what a homographic irony it will be if Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock indeed plays Dwayne, the love interest of the rock-based alien.


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As hinted in a not-so-cryptic tweet by Taika Waititi himself, this may well be an indication of Johnson’s entry into the MCU. Fans, as per usual, will not rest until a resolution to this mystery has been reached. And since Waititi is known for his sardonic humor, whether he intends on leaving the tweet up to the reader’s interpretation or if we should simply call it an intentional fallacy remains to be seen.


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