‘Why Are You Humanizing a God’: Taika Waititi’s “I’m Gonna Ruin Thor” Comment Divides Fanbase


Waititi joked about trolling the God of Thunder’s fanbase during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Thor: Love and Thunder is about to rage across theaters very soon and Taika Waititi’s words may have irked the fans. Is he intentionally doing this or just joking around for the heck of it? Will Thor: Love and Thunder fans accept this heresy? Taika Waititi claims he believes all these Marvel theories on Thor: Love and Thunder are pure whack and he loves roasting fans with pointless leads.

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Now that’s just pure evil in a nutshell.

Taika Waititi
Thor: Love and Thunder Director Taika Waititi

Why Taika Waititi is Trolling Thor: Love and Thunder Fans

Taika Waititi - Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder Director
Taika Waititi – Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder Director

Waititi gets candid about Thor: Love and Thunder in hilarious interview:

“I like to listen to the fans and then I like to troll the fans back a bit, because it just brings me some little bit of joy. Just a little bit,” he said. “I don’t have many joys in my life, y’know, I’ve got my kids and trolling fans. But I like… when I did [Thor: Ragnarok], there were a few people who didn’t know what I did and what I’d done before, and they said, ‘Aw, he’s gonna ruin this! He’s gonna ruin Thor!’ And I would write back ‘Oh, I’m gonna ruin it alright. Oh, a hundred percent, I’m gonna ruin it for you.’ And then I would say things like ‘You don’t know what you want until I give it to you’ and stuff like that. I know, I know, it’s rude — but it’s true.”

Here’s How Fans Reacted To Taika Waititi’s Comments

The fans, suffice it to say, were not happy. They took to twitter to express their displeasure. And most of the tweets got real ugly.




As we can clearly see, this dude knows how to rile a fanbase the right way. Twitter is going crazy, with half of the fans supporting him and the other half out for his head.

Taika Waititi Loves Trolling Marvel Theorists – But Deep Down He’s A Good Guy

Taika Waititi in Thor: Love and Thunder
Taika Waititi in Thor: Love and Thunder

Does this make him sound like the world’s biggest a** of all time? Well no!! Taika Waititi is known for his extraordinary sense of humour. He was once so annoyed by all the ‘when will Thor 4 trailer come’ questions that he said it will come right along with the movie. That’s just how he is. So before folks start taking offense, Waititi is like that and he is just teasing the fans, something he is infamously known for.


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Is Chris Hemsworth Following Taika Waititi’s Footsteps & Trolling Marvel fans With Rumoured MCU Exit?

Thor star Chris Hemsworth
Thor star Chris Hemsworth

When in an interview with Extra, Chris Hemsworth reveals he has heard of all the rumours of him leaving the MCU after Thor: Love and Thunder. He finally responds if he is going to make it past MCU Phase 5 and beyond. He says and we quote:


“Every time I play Thor, I’m like, ‘This is the last time they let me do it.’ So I don’t know.”

He continues:

Thor: Love and Thunder - Chris Hemsworth
Thor: Love and Thunder – Chris Hemsworth

“I love it, I love it. I’ll come back for more and more until someone kicks me off the stage, you know. I love it. My whole career has been based around me playing this character and to come back again and again and play it with different directors and different casts has been an absolute joy. And, yeah, we’ll see what the fans want, and I don’t know, I’m down for whatever is enjoyable and having a good time. That’s what this experience in the Marvel world has been for me, so bring it on.”

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Why Natalie Portman Returned To MCU After Ugly MCU Exit After Thor: The Dark World

Jane Foster Thor Chris Hemsworth
Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor and Chris Hemsworth

In another interview with Fandango All Access a couple of days ago, Waititi reveals how she convinced Natalie Portman to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Mighty Thor.

“I went to her house and she gave me a glass of water… I think that what we did with Ragnarok was, it made these movies appealing to other actors as well, like Christian [Bale] really he saw that and he was like, ‘I want to do something fun,’ and came here, wanted to be part of this thing.”

Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor
Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor

Natalie Portman is already getting universal acclaim for her role as Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor in Thor 4. And Waititi is sparing no expense to highlight she is one of the best things in the movie. Early critics reactions are calling Thor: Love and Thunder an absolute cosmic treat that is fast-paced and crisp just like every other Taika Waititi movie. They have been particularly vocal about Natalie Portman, who has apparently killed it as the new Goddess of Thunder.

Taika Waititi - Thor 4
Taika Waititi – Thor 4

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Here’s How he convinced Portman to take up the role after she exited MCU on unfavorable terms after Thor 2.


“I had to just talk to her about the fact that I wanted to change that character, just like we’d changed Thor’s character for Ragnarok and to give her a bit more license to be adventurous and fun because Natalie’s a really funny person. And sometimes… those sorts of things cannot… I don’t know, they’re not the main focus when they come up with characters and you know in films.”

Thor: Love and Thunder
Thor in his new armor alongside Jane Foster and Valkyrie

This goes on to show that despite Waititi’s antics, he actually cares for the MCU and would go to any extent to make his movies work. Just imagine the hoops he must have had to jump through to get back a talent like Natalie Portman, who had once vowed never to return to MCu after her creative differences with Marvel Studio in the past.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set for release on July 7, 2022.



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