“Targeting children with an hydration drink that is absolutely horrible”: Logan Paul Faces Nightmare Backlash While His Billion Dollars Worth PRIME Energy Gets Slapped With A Lawsuit

"Targeting children with an hydration drink that is absolutely horrible": Logan Paul Faces Nightmare Backlash While His Billion Dollars Worth PRIME Energy Gets Slapped With A Lawsuit
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YouTube influencers Logan Paul and Olajide William Olatunji (known by KSI) have gained more fame ever since the release of their energy drink ‘PRIME’ from Prime Hydration LLC back in 2022. With the drinks gaining popularity within little to no time among teens and tweens as a healthier as well as tastier alternative to their usual energy drinks, the only way for the entrepreneurs was up and above as their name and reputation soared.

Logan Paul and KSI marketing PRIME Energy drink
Logan Paul and KSI marketing PRIME Energy drink

However, this didn’t stay for long because Paul and KSI’s billion-dollar energy drink was soon slammed with a lawsuit, further leading to nightmarish backlash faced by the influencers over the same.

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Logan Paul Launched The PRIME Energy Drink In 2022

PRIME Energy drink
PRIME Energy drink

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Earlier last year in 2022, social media influencers Logan Paul and Olajide William Olatunji (aka KSI) launched a whole new energy drink called PRIME in the market, labeling it as a ‘healthier’ alternative to other sports and energy drinks. The drink soon became wildly successful, especially popular among kids.

In an interview posted by Rolland Fraiser on Instagram earlier this year in July, the YouTube influencer can be seen commending the success of the launched energy drink, saying,


“We’re on track to sell one hundred million bottles in our first year. In eight months, PRIME now is 1% market share in the Hydration category. So that means for every 100 bottles of hydration sold, PRIME is one of them. We aim to be at 5% by the end of next year and – I’ll say it right here, right now – We are also going to attack the energy category.”

However, this bold plan of Logan Paul that he declared unhesitantly doesn’t seem to be taking place anytime soon, considering the lawsuit filed against the company as well as the backlash faced by him over the same.

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Logan Paul Faces Backlash Over Recent Lawsuit

Actor, Boxer, Wrestler, and Influencer: Logan Paul
Actor, Boxer, Wrestler, and Influencer: Logan Paul

According to recent reports, Prime Hydration LLC has been slapped with a lawsuit for containing 200 mg of caffeine in 12 ounces of the drink which is more than 2 whole cans of Red Bull. The company is also accused of misrepresenting and marketing the drink heavily especially to people under the age of 18, to whom it is dangerous because of its high amount of caffeine which could cause unwanted serious side effects on their health.


In the comment section of the Instagram video where Logan Paul can be seen applauding the commendable success of his recent energy drink, some users commented about the reality of the drink being so wrongfully advertised. One user wrote,

“Targeting children with an “hydration” drink that is absolutely horrible for you…. great.”

Another user targeted the YouTube influencer with backlash, saying,

“Crazy how easily influenced we all are…crap celebrity liquor and crap celebrity hydration explodes to the top….the product doesn’t mean anything…just sold by an amazing marketer.”

Someone else commented about the company about the recent lawsuit,


“It won’t exist in 6 months.”

With the ongoing controversy surrounding PRIME Energy drinks following the lawsuit and backlash faced by Logan Paul over his billion dollars worth ‘hydration’ drink, it seems it won’t be long before the company has to shut down because of the consumer class action filed against it.

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