Tatsuki Fujimoto Pulled the Biggest Prank on Chainsaw Man Fans and Got His X Account Banned In Return

This prank done by Chainsaw Man author Tatsuki Fujimoto ended up costing him his X account.

Tatsuki Fujimoto Pulled the Biggest Prank on Chainsaw Man Fans and Got His X Account Banned In Return


  • Tatsuki Fujimoto is the author of the popular new-gen manga series Chainsaw Man, which has been massively successful.
  • The Chainsaw Man author has been a part of X under the guise of his fictitious sister, Koharu Nagayama.
  • However, due to his imaginary sister being less than 13 years old, which is the minimum age requirement for X, his account got banned.
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Typically, a manga’s popularity sees an enormous boost after being adapted into an anime; however, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man is an exception. It has been one of the highest-selling manga series and has an across-the-board fanbase due to its lively and enjoyable characters and intriguing theme.

Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man
Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man

To write relatable characters who can click with the audience, the author needs to have a similar personality and should interact with the audience. Tatsuki Fujimoto constantly achieves this via his X account, where he disguises himself as his little sister; however, the biography of Fujimoto’s sister account states that she is in her third year of elementary school, making her around 12 years old, which resulted in X banning the account.

Chainsaw Man author Tatsuki Fujimoto got his X account banned due to a prank

If you are looking for a series filled with gore, an impactful storyline, and complex villains along with an ample amount of comedy and deep references to various mythologies, Chainsaw Man is the perfect pick.


Chainsaw Man has been the talk of the community ever since its debut, thanks to its distinctive storytelling and art style, which fans adore as it gives them something rejuvenating from typical stories.

Many individuals often hail the series as the best new-gen manga and the sales of the manga franchise do seem to support this claim. 

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

As the author of such an acclaimed series, Tatsuki Fujimoto is a well-versed name in the anime community; however, there are other reasons why fans love him so much, one being the pranks he plays on his audience via his X account, @nagayama_koharu.


He has been active on the social media platform X by disguising himself as Fujimoto’s little sister and sharing unknown facts about the story, but he seems to have done a poor job at keeping up the demeanor, as the entire fanbase knows the true identity behind the account.

During the premiere of the Chainsaw Man anime, which was produced by Mappa and released in 2022, Tatsuki Fujimoto found himself in shock, rather than his fans, when he was banned by the platform.

Twitter deleted mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto’s original account (nagayama_koharu), where he pretends to be the younger sister of Fujimoto because the bio mentioned that the account owner was in her second year of elementary school, making them 12 years old, which is below the minimum age for using Twitter, now known as X. 


However, after diligent hard work, his account was restored and is currently active on X.

What’s Chainsaw Man about?

At first glance, Chainsaw Man may seem like your average shonen with the familiar concept of devils, devil-hunters, and powerups, but this might be the biggest wrong assumption one can make about Tatsuki Fujimoto’s work.

The series is distinct from the majority of the stories you might have come across as an anime-manga fan, filled with inspiration taken from many different movies and shows such as SharknadoQuentin Tarantino‘s crime thriller Reservoir Dogs, and the horror comedy Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!.

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

The core vision for Chainsaw Man was directly inspired by the American horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Chainsaw Man is filled with deep lore and references to many ancient mythologies and the characters are all well-written and they are easy to understand and relate to.


We have received no updates on Chainsaw Man season two and looking at the tight schedule of Mappa, it is a few years away.


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