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Taylor Kitsch Does Not See Hollywood’s Biggest Flop That Lost $255 Million at Box Office as a Failure in His Acting Career

The film's failure not only shattered Disney's dreams but also nearly destroyed Kitsch's career.

Taylor Kitsch Does Not See Hollywood's Biggest Flop That Lost $255 Million at Box Office as a Failure in His Acting Career


  • The launch of Disney+ has led to the rediscovery of old Disney movies that were considered failures.
  • One such movie is John Carter, directed by Andrew Stanton and featuring Taylor Kitsch.
  • Despite being one of the biggest box office bombs in history, Kitsch does not view the movie as a failure.

With the launch of Disney+ audiences are discovering a bunch of old movies from the production company that they quietly swept under the rug. One example is Andrew Stanton’s 2012 movie John Carter, featuring Taylor Kitsch. The action-adventure went down as one of the biggest box office bombs in cinematic history. 

Taylor Kitsch
Taylor Kitsch

However, Taylor Kitsch does not consider John Carter to be a failure, at least not on his part. Although most people involved in the movie, still wear some of that responsibility around it, Kitsch surprisingly took pride in his part, despite the negative reception.  

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John Carter Was a Pricey Gamble From Disney

During the early 2000s, Disney witnessed a groundbreaking success following the release of the globally renowned blockbusters WALL-E and Finding Nemo. But then in 2012, the company faced a grave downfall with Andrew Stanton’s John Carter. Featuring Taylor Kitsch and other renowned stars, the movie was an adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ story A Princess of Mars. 

Fandomwire Video
John Carter
John Carter (2012)

Unfortunately, Taylor Kitsch‘s John Carter, turned into Disney’s biggest gamble, as they hoped the movie would kick-start a franchise, shelling out $255M for the film’s budget. But eventually, the action-adventure failed to attract audiences and faced negative reception at the time of its release. 

John Carter
Taylor Kitsch in and as John Carter

Surviving a box office bomb and poor reviews, the movie was slammed into a coffin along with Disney’s dreams of creating a franchise. Opening with meager box office numbers, Taylor Kitsch’s John Carter, turned into a misfire from Disney. The movie not only shattered the company’s dreams but also nearly destroyed Kitsch’s career. 

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Taylor Kitsch Doesn’t Consider John Carter a Flop

Despite the negative reception of John Carter and the box office disaster that nearly destroyed Taylor Kitsch’s career, the actor doesn’t consider the movie a failure. It might be a box office catastrophe, but Kitsch believes that the movie isn’t a failure on his end. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor took pride in his film. 

Taylor Kitsch
Kitsch took pride in his $255M flop

Noticing a recent resurgence for John Carter following its release on Netflix, the actor believes that the movie achieved something that it failed to do in 2012. Finding a new life on the streaming platform, Taylor Kitsch believes the movie is slowly getting appreciated by audiences. 

I think it got another life when it went on Netflix not long ago…. People stop me all the time for that, especially in Europe. Maybe, at the time, it was more of a knee-jerk reaction of ‘Let’s see how we can bury this and everyone that has a part in it.’ Over time, I think you take a breath and understand that it is what it is.” 

Taylor Kitsch
Taylor Kitsch doesn’t consider John Carter a failure

I guess people who watch it now for the first time can take a lot more away from it than people did at first … I learned a ton on that movie. I honestly don’t see it as a failure.” 

Taking pride in his movie despite the unfortunate box office collection, Taylor Kitsch claimed that the movie wasn’t a failure, at least not for him. 

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