Tekken Boss Katsuhiro Harada has Started to Full on Troll Players Over Tekken 8 DLC Characters and how to ‘Unlock’ Them

"Don't ask me for sh*t": Harada lives up to his famous quote with recent hilarious tweets.


  • Fans are once again requesting Harada to add DLC characters like Tifa to Tekken 8.
  • Harada's sarcastic replies are a sight to behold.
  • The Tekken boss explains how fans could actually have their requests heard.
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With Tekken 8 currently dominating the fighting game scene, it’s no wonder that fans have already begun wondering what the future of the hit installment in the franchise will be. Fortunately for them, the mastermind behind the series, Katsuhiro Harada, is very vocal on X/Twitter.


Guest characters are always a treat in any game, but fighting games have always arguably had it the best. Fans have wanted Tifa in Tekken for so long, that, at this point, with how much Harada mentions her, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she actually makes it to the series.

Recently, Harada once again responded to multiple fan requests for Tekken 8 DLC characters, and the responses are nothing short of hilarious.


The Tekken Boss Has the Answer to ‘Unlocking’ Tifa, Clive, And Many Other Characters

Just follow these simple steps highlighted by the Tekken boss himself.
Just follow these simple steps highlighted by the Tekken boss himself.

Ever since the days of the last huge installment in the franchise, fans have been asking for Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII to be a guest character, especially since Noctis from Final Fantasy XV made his way into the title.

Alas, upon a fan once again asking for Tifa, Harada sarcastically responded:


Clearly, Harada is poking fun at his fans’ absurd and repeated requests. Multiple other requests included Clive from Final Fantasy XVI, Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters, Ichiban Kasuga from the Yakuza series, and many more.

Granted, this is all for a fun little laugh, but all of this does beg one important question.


What Are the Chances of these Characters Actually Making their Way into the Game?

The game already has quite a rich roster of characters, but a few more couldn't hurt.
The game already has quite a rich roster of characters, but a few more couldn’t hurt.

Right now, we’re still pretty early into the game’s life cycle. It hasn’t even been a full month since the game has been out, and people are already asking for DLC, which is a testament to the game’s excellence. But Harada has previously stated that guest characters are not the priority, at least not in the beginning stages of the game.

Adding to this, recently, the Season 1 DLC characters reportedly leaked, and not a single one of them was a guest character.

During this string of responses, another one that stood out was Harada’s reply to a fan asking what they could do to get some of these crossovers to happen.


Another post by the bossman himself stated how online petitions, emails, etc. are practically useless, but how handwritten letters actually have a much more positive impact on the awareness of the development team.

Only time will tell if Tekken 8 adds characters like Tifa, but considering the hype the game has generated and the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, it wouldn’t necessarily be a long shot.


But what do you think? Should Tekken 8 add guest characters? Let us know in the comments.


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