Tekken eSports Champions Annihilate One Character as Nothing but ‘Trash’

Zafina is among the most complex fighters, or is she?



  • Tekken 8 recently hit more than 2 Million in global sales.
  • The game was released on 25 January 2024 to nearly universal praise.
  • It has outperformed Street Fighter 6 since its launch.
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A fun but heaty debate was launched on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) when a couple of Tekken champions began making a mockery out of a game’s character, Zafina.


The character’s origin, according to the story, goes back to the Middle East. Born to spiritual warriors, she holds mystical abilities, as can be seen during the gameplay. Zafina was introduced in Tekken 6 where she is depicted as a protector of an imperial tomb.

The latest installment of the game features 32 characters, including new fighters and ones from previous titles, with each character having their own storyline. Recently, the game’s developers, Bandai Namco Studios, revealed during a conference call that the game has sold 2 million copies, surpassing the company’s expectations.


Zafina Has Some Serious Tekken Fans in Her Corner

Zafina's character was introduced in Tekken 6.
Zafina’s character was introduced in Tekken 6.

In a video shared by Arslan Ash via social media, the gamer appears to be playing Tekken. Meanwhile, Knee appears and jokes “No need to play Zafina, just say this is trash.” Laughter fills the air following Arslan’s response, “worse than trash.” The video was likely shot following their esports match in Abu Dhabi, with Knee winning the nail-biting match with a 10-9 score.

The clip joke appears to have been made in response to a post by another eSports champion, who goes by the name SonicFox. The user wroteZafina is A+ tier trust” on 11 February 2024. The conversation took a turn as the user tried to convince Arslan. But to SonicFox’s surprise, he refused to fall for it and instead asked the user to prove it by “winning something big with her.

Some supported the fact that the character in focus is the best. A Reddit user called Mejalu posted, “Bandai Namco wanted to make the most complete, strongest version of a character, slapped together some mammory glands and contortion and made Zafina.


Bandai Namco’s Gaming Division is Suffering

Bandai Namco's gaming division needs a boost.
Bandai Namco’s gaming division needs a boost.

If skills are kept aside, there is one character that appears to have been annoying many in the latest installment of the long-running franchise.

A caffeine addict who sparked a debate among Redditors that coffee is the weakest part of the character. Despite interesting design and in-game skills, her demeanor appears genuinely frustrating.

But there appears to be a piece of good news for the fans too. Eddy Gordo might be returning to the franchise with the game’s first downloadable content. Although Bandai Namco hasn’t exactly revealed the characters included in it, nonetheless, the return of a veteran like him would send the fans to cloud nine.


Despite the game’s success, Bandai Namco revealed a slump in its gaming division. The nine-month period ending December 2023 shows 263 Million Yen ($1.75 Million) generated, an 8.9 percent decline from the same period for the year before.

What do you think of Zafina in Tekken 8? Is she one of the best fighters, or one of the worst? Make sure to let us know in the comments.


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