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“Thank God, it’s mine”: Euphoria Star Was Proud of Barry Keoghan “Guzzling” His Sperm

Euphoria star's bold take on his explicit scene with Barry Keoghan in their new film.

euphoria star was proud of barry keoghan “guzzling” his sperm


  • Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi star in the graphic thriller drama Saltburn, where a young university student gets entangled with his wealthy schoolmate.
  • One of the most explicit scenes in the film features the two actors' characters engaging in masturbation and oral sex.
  • Daniel Radcliffe also stars in the movie and in the final sequence of the film features him dancing completely nude.

The Oscar-nominated actor Barry Keoghan is sharing the screen with the Euphoria star Jacob Elordi in the recent thriller drama, Saltburn. The movie follows a young university student Oliver Quick, who gets entangled with his wealthy schoolmate and gets invited to his eccentric estate to spend the summer. It includes several graphic scenes, one of which features Elordi and Keoghan’s characters.

Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan in Saltburn
Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan in Saltburn

The duo described it as one of the most explicit scenes in the film and the 26-year-old actor shared that he was glad to be part of the sequence.

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Jacob Elordi And Barry Keoghan React to Their Explicit Scenes in Saltburn

During a recent conversation with Variety, Saltburn stars Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan talked about the graphic nature of their upcoming film. The duo had a particular scene in mind when asked about some of the most NSFW scenes of the movie.

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Jacob Elordi in Saltburn
Jacob Elordi in Saltburn

The scene features Keoghan’s character watching Elordi’s character mast**bate in a bathtub, which is followed by him licking up Elordi’s body fluids around the tub’s drain. And the Deep Water actor shared that he was glad that “it’s mine.”

I was like, ‘Thank God, it’s mine,” he said before adding, “I was very proud. I was very proud to have Barry Keoghan guzzling it like that.” However, when The Batman actor learned about what his co-star said, he called it “weird.”

Barry Keoghan as Oliver Quick
Barry Keoghan as Oliver Quick

“He doesn’t text me back or ring me back. It’s so weird. He’s pretending to like me. It’s weird, man,” he told Variety. The film’s director, Emerald Fennel, has said that the film depicts complex and intense emotions of “grief and horror and love and sadness” that can lead people to do crazy things.


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Barry Keoghan on Stripping Down For Saltburn

The movie also features the 31-year-old Irish actor stripping down for the final sequence of the film, which features him dancing completely nude through the estate. Talking about filming the sequence in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, the actor shared that he was a bit hesitant about the scene initially.

Saltburn (2023)
Saltburn (2023)

“The initial thing was about me having no clothes on. I’m a bit, ehhh,” he said. However, he got more comfortable as he continued working on the sequence. “But after take one, I was ready to go. I was like, ‘Let’s go again. Let’s go again,'” he said, noting that it was a very “comfortable environment” on the set, and he decided to give his all for the story.

The director shared that they filmed the scene 11 times, and although she found the seventh take “perfect,” she said that it lacked the “devilish joy” that she wanted in the character. They continued working on the scene. By the time they finished it, Keoghan was also surprised, as he said that he had no idea he could dance like that.

Saltburn had a limited theatrical release on November 17, which will be expanding wide on November 22, 2023.

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