“Thank him for saving His career”: Adam Sandler Unintentionally Did the Biggest Favour by Not Calling Tyreek Hill After His Request

That's the Jets' loss as Tyreek Hill enjoyed an enthralling season as Dolphin's wide receiver.

"Thank him for saving His career": Adam Sandler Unintentionally Did the Biggest Favour by Not Calling Tyreek Hill After His Request


  • Tyreek Hill, who earned himself Pro Bowl and First Team All-Pro honors, claimed he was on his way to the New York Jets before the Dolphins.
  • However, his only request involved a phone call from Adam Sandler, which never came through.
  • But the NFL Star holds no grudges against the actor, as his career ended up benefitting from it.
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Tyreek Hill, who had his best statistical season with the Miami Dolphins, claimed he was considered to join the New York Jets, and the deal would’ve gone through had Adam Sandler just called him. Apart from being the biggest comedic actor in Hollywood right now, who has enjoyed a fortune of over $420M, Sandler is also a massive New York Jets guy.


And per Hill, the Spaceman Star was the reason for his relocation to the Miami Dolphins, but the NFL Star isn’t complaining about how things turned out for him.

Adam Sandler as Jakub Procházka in Spaceman (2024)
Adam Sandler | Credit: Spaceman (2024)

Tyreek Hill Deems Adam Sandler the Reason for Moving to Miami Dolphins

Speaking on the Punch Line Podcast, Tyreek Hill candidly revealed that before joining the Dolphins, he would’ve requested a trade from the Chiefs to the Jets in 2022 if Adam Sandler just called him. Being a huge fan of the comedic icon, Hill claimed that his only request for the trade involved a call from Sandler, as the Spaceman Star is a massive Jets guy. Unfortunately, the call never came through, and the NFL Star proceeded to settle for the Dolphins.


“He didn’t call me, bro. I was almost a New York Jet. I’m a huge Adam Sandler guy and Adam Sandler loves the New York Jets so my request was, if Adam Sandler was to call me, and ask me to come play for the Jets, I would’ve went.”

It can’t be said for certain if it’s true, as back in 2022 when he was dealt, Hill was a free agent and had no agency to vote or veto his eventual landing spot. Irrespective of whether it was true or not, the Wide receiver doesn’t hold a grudge against Adam Sandler, as not going with the Jets ended up benefiting his career.

Tyreek Hill | NFL
Tyreek Hill | NFL

Moving to Miami Dolphins Ended up Benefiting Tyreek Hill’s Career Greatly

Tyreek Hill received a four-year extension from the Dolphins, which amounted to a massive $120 million, the highest for a wide receiver in the history of the NFL. And Hill made it count, as 2023 saw him leading the receiving yards and tied for the lead in receiving touchdowns, earning himself a Pro Bowl and First Team All-Pro honors. Hill even went to upset his idol as the Dolphins faced the New York Jets on two occasions this season.

Tyreek Hill | NFL
Tyreek Hill | NFL

Following his accomplishments, it’s reasonable to see why Hill has no ill will against Adam Sandler, as he even proclaimed the idea of working with Sandler on a potential Hustle sequel.


“I want to play in Hustle,” Hill said. “I love Adam Sandler. Bruh, he could’ve made a football Hustle movie, ya feel me?”

Adam Sandler in Hustle
Adam Sandler in Hustle | Credit: Netflix

If Tyreek Hill’s statements are indeed true, had Sandler called him, we could’ve witnessed Hill and Aaron Rodgers playing together, which would’ve been a scene to behold. But on the flip side, it could also have resulted in Hill being benched for many games, which would’ve been a shame.


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