“That didn’t work out”: George Clooney Will Never Forget Making Francis Ford Coppola Angry, Auditioning for a Role Fully Drunk

"That didn't work out": George Clooney Will Never Forget Making Francis Ford Coppola Angry, Auditioning for a Role Fully Drunk
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George Clooney needs no introduction. Many might know him as Danny Ocean while a few might even see him as Bruce Wayne. There are numerous iconic roles in his name and franchises lined in front of him, rising to fame thanks to his talent. His latest appearance was in the DC Universe’s The Flash. Although the movie was a box office bomb, his cameo was refreshing, to say the least.

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George Clooney

In today’s time, Clooney stands as one of the biggest and most talented artists in Hollywood. However, much like most people, his early days weren’t as easy. There are some actors who win big in their early years, but there are most who don’t. Clooney happened to be one of them.

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George Clooney Gave a Drunk Audition

Times may be different for George Clooney now. Everyone knows who he is and how much talent he has. However, that was not the case back in 1992. While talking to E! News, Clooney exclaimed about how he had a really horrible audition once where he was straight-up unprofessional. Bram Stoker’s Dracula had a small part the actor had eyed and he went to audition for it.

George Clooney
George Clooney

 “I was supposed to play a drunk guy and I got really drunk to do it,” Clooney added. “I thought that was the best way to do it.”

Clooney added as to how the role he was supposed to play was of a drunk person. So in his mind, he thought the best way to approach the role would be to actually get drunk. As absurd as it may sound, Clooney actually went ahead with the idea and auditioned while he was intoxicated. He did not hesitate before doing so either. He was so sure he would get the part that he did not think of giving an audition drunk to be a bad thing.

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George Clooney Never Got the Part

Needless to say, Francis Ford Coppola was not impressed. He personally called George Clooney’s agent and rejected the actor, completely shocked as to how the Ocean’s Eleven actor thought giving a drunk audition was a good idea. He never got the part. As per E! News;

George Clooney
George Clooney

“Coppola called my agent and said, ‘He was drunk!'” Clooney mocked. “That didn’t work out.”

Not only did the actor learn a lesson after that, but his career only grew from then on. Soon George Clooney became a legendary actor loved by everyone. Not only was he the first choice for various roles but he became an icon almost instantly.

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Source: E! News

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