“That doesn’t make f*cking sense”: Daniel Radcliffe Finally Breaks Silence on 3 Of the Nastiest Rumors About Him After Harry Potter Fame

Daniel Radcliffe sat for a lie detector test and busted some rumors about himself.

"That doesn't make f*cking sense": Daniel Radcliffe Finally Breaks Silence on 3 Of the Nastiest Rumors About Him After Harry Potter Fame


  • Daniel Radcliffe appeared for a lie detector test and explained some rumors about himself.
  • The actor revealed he has read fan-fictions about himself, especially about Harry Potter.
  • The actor also addressed rumors about his appearance as Wolverine in the MCU.
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Daniel Radcliffe rose to fame after leading the Harry Potter franchise. The global fandom has been engrossing and the actor has been at the center of discussion, specifically, rumor, on many occasions.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

But busting the rumors, the actor came clean explaining that he had been aware of these rumors this whole time and decided to break the silence on the matter. Appearing on Variety Fair’s lie detector show, Radcliffe revealed some never-before-known facts on the polygraph test.

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Daniel Radcliffe Revealed Truth About His Rumors

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

Joining his Merrily We Roll Along co-stars Jonathan Groff and Lindsay Mendez, British actor Daniel Radcliffe appeared on  Variety Fair’s lie detector show and fans now have answers to some of the nastiest rumors about the actor.

Speaking of the weirdest story Radcliffe read about himself, the actor explains in detail. “Well, there’s like a lot of I’m obviously aware there’s a lot of like uh shipping of Harry and Draco as characters uh together so I’ve read some of that,” Radcliffe said.

“But in terms of like stories about me, the weird was the weirdest story I read about myself that I had the SAS walk my dogs, that I had special beer brewed myself by monks in a monastery in Belgium, that I used to get my assistant to hold my scripts in the mirror so I could read them while I was having makeup done even though that doesn’t make f*cking sense, cuz I wouldn’t be able to read mirror writing. Um, and yeah there there’s a long list.”

The 34-year-old candidly explained why these rumors never made sense but one thing is certain, Radcliffe definitely read fan fiction based on the the actor himself, no matter how weird.


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Daniel Radcliffe On The Wolverine Rumor

Daniel Radcliffe in Miracle Workers
Daniel Radcliffe in Miracle Workers

The buzz of Radcliffe being cast as the iconic MCU character Wolverine following the footsteps of Hugh Jackman spread like wildfire. Did Radcliffe himself spread the rumor? “No,” Radcliffe shared in the Vanity Fair show confirming that he got buffed for no reason.

“I got buffed you know yeah because I, uh, am obsessive and, uh, I, I want to you know, you’ve seen my parents they’re like insane Fitness people so that’s just been passed on, and, and yeah, but no, no Wolverine. Flattered but no,” he added.

Even one year prior to his recent comment on the Wolverine buzz, Radcliffe clarified that he had no interest in playing the X-Men character. Still, fans were far from giving up on the idea of seeing him as the titular character as his recent training and muscle-building for a role in Miracle Workers added more to the hype for his physical ability to play the character. However, his second confirmation explicitly suggests that fans will not get to see him anytime soon in the MCU. 


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